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I don’t even have a one-on-one meal… Convenience store customer who handed ‘bottled water’ to a man tired from the scorching sun

The next keyword is ‘living water’.

The heatwave is raging every day…

There is a story that makes us look back at our neighbors one메이저사이트 more time during this difficult time.

It happened at a convenience store in Seoul.

A middle-aged man sits in front of a convenience store with his head down.

Was he tired of the heat?

It looks very difficult.

At that time, a woman approaches and quietly leaves a ‘bottle of mineral water’ next to the man.

The store owner posted a CCTV video saying, “I saw an angel.”

This female customer bought bottled water for someone else who seemed to be suffering from the heat and had no one to look at.

However, the middle-aged man collapsed shortly after.

Then, she said, the female customer disappeared after she called 112 and saw police and paramedics arrive.

Fortunately, the man suffered minor injuries, but he said he recovered quickly and returned home.

Netizens praised her generously, saying, “She is a true angel” and “I was moved by her courage and kind heart.”


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