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“I should have eaten more,” he regretted… 6 million units sold in 3 months

“I should have saved it when it was sold and ate more. “Can you make it again?” “I went on a trip to Vietnam and picked it up at the supermarket. “I bought it on purpose while I was overseas.”

Samyang Food’s ‘Fildak Bokkeumtangmyeon’, launched in 2016, captivated the taste buds of enthusiasts with its thick broth that adds garlic flavor to the taste of hot chicken. However, compared to the original ‘Fildak Bokkeum Ramyun’, domestic sales were not large and it was discontinued in less than two years. Sales continued only in overseas markets where the initial response was good, and this product has now become a huge hit.

As the number of customers looking for the product increased due to the recent craze for spicy flavor, they re-introduced Buldak Bokgeumtangmyeon to the domestic market this year. The decision was made to sell the product after it became so popular that domestic consumers were purchasing it directly through overseas e-commerce, and online communities were inundated with requests for a domestic release.According to the industry on the 7th, more than 6 million units of Buldak Bokgeumtangmyeon, which was relaunched in June, were sold in three months. It was produced only for export , but the name of the product became known again as popular YouTubers uploaded ‘eating show’ videos showing people trying it through overseas direct purchase, and reviews of reverse direct purchase were shared through SNS (social network service) among the MZ generation (Millennials + Generation Z). . The demand was so great that there were more than 1,000 posts requesting the relaunch of Buldak Bokgeumtangmyeon on the official Samyang Food website, sparking a huge success. In this way, popular products that disappeared due to the end of sales are coming back one after another due to consumer requests. As the influence of ‘fansumers’ (fans + consumers), who actively consume their favorite products and brands, grows, the food industry actively responds to requests for relaunches. From a company’s perspective, relaunching an existing product is a win-win as it can increase sales with proven products and also highlight the image of communicating with consumers.

Lotte Well Food’s ‘Lip Pie Choco’, which was launched again after 8 years, is also gaining popularity, selling over 1.8 million cases in 100 days (as of the end of August). Even within the company, the response is that the performance exceeds expectations. Lip Pie, which was first released in 2006, was discontinued in 2015, but a request for re-release was accepted and it was reintroduced in May of this year. This product has a sweeter taste than existing products by coating the bottom of the biscuit with chocolate made from Ghanaian cacao beans, and the pastry dough is aged at low temperature for 1,080 minutes to bring out the flavor of fermented butter, thereby improving the taste and quality of the product. Here’s the explanation.

The official product ‘Green Tea Vegemil’ has been relaunched for the first time in 13 years and is being sold for a limited time. Green tea Vegemil, released in 2000, was sold in various containers such as packs, cans, and bottles, and recorded cumulative sales of over 225 million units, but was discontinued in 2010. Since then, regular products, which have received constant requests for relaunch, have introduced a limited edition green tea Vegemil product to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. The relaunched green tea Vegemil focuses on maintaining a refreshing taste by containing organic green tea grown in Jeju.

The ‘Baekseju Chosun Highball Special Set’, which was relaunched by liquor company Kooksoondang after two years, was relaunched in accordance with liquor consumption메이저사이트 trends. In December 2020, as the ‘Chosun Highball’ made with Baekseju, tonic water, lemon, and ice became popular, a limited set consisting of Baekseju and a highball glass was released. Continuing from last year, this year, the highball emerged as a mainstream product and was relaunched in response to a series of inquiries.

In this way, companies are successively re-launching past hit products that were discontinued and using various reselling methods. Because you can use products that have already been proven, there is less risk than investing time and money in developing a new product whose response is difficult to predict.

An industry insider said, “Reintroducing an old, nostalgic product has the effect of arousing nostalgia in the older generation and freshness and curiosity in the younger generation.”

A representative example is last year when SPC Samlip relaunched ‘Pokemon Bread’, which caused a craze in the 1990s, for the first time in 16 years. As soon as Pokemon Bread was re-released, it sparked a craze for collecting seals, especially among the 20s and 30s generation who spent their school days in the 1990s. More than 10 million units were sold within 40 days of its re-release, and thanks to this popularity, Season 2 was released. There was even an ‘open run’ phenomenon as people waited for the Pokemon Bread delivery vehicle.

Binggrae also created the mini ice bar ‘Linky Bar’ again after 6 years. Linky Bar is a bar-type ice cream that comes in three flavors: strawberry, chocolate, and cookie. It gained popularity after its launch in 1992, but production was discontinued in 2016. Previously, Lotte Confectionery relaunched ‘Freshmint Gum’ for the first time in three years. This product was released in 1972 along with Juicy Fresh and Spearmint, but production was discontinued in 2017. Orion also introduced the snack ‘Wakle’ again in 2021 after 15 years.


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