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“I trusted the designer…” Insurance poured in for over 10 years, only hundreds of millions of won in damages

We buy insurance to prepare for unexpected accidents or diseases.

However, there are victims who have lost hundreds of millions of won due to insurance.

There are aspects that I don’t understand well, but it was a problem that I trusted and entrusted an insurance planner I’ve known for a long time.

Reporter Hong Seong-wook covered the story.

Since 2011, a couple in their 60s living in Incheon have repeatedly signed up for and canceled 26 insurance cases.

It was because of the recommendation of Kang Mo, an insurance solicitor belonging to Hanwha Life Insurance, that a better product was available and that he would receive more benefits.

The newly signed up insurance premium was blocked by the existing insurance midway withdrawal and cancellation refund, but since last 2020, monthly insurance premiums have gone out over 5 million won.

In the end, Mr. A and his wife suffered financial losses of over 100 million won and canceled most of their insurance.

[Mr. A / Insurance victim: Even if you take out a loan and take out insurance, it is not a loss even if you cancel it after 2 years. Because I did that, I was deceived and continued to buy insurance like that.]

Mr. B, in his 40s living in Seoul, also suffered similar losses.

Mr. Kim, a former insurance planner belonging to Shinhan Life, sold a total of 22 insurances to Mr. A, saying that it was a savings type insurance.

However, 18 cases were whole life insurance, and the monthly insurance premium exceeded 12 million won while repeating subscription and cancellation without knowing it.

I paid 400 million won in insurance premiums, but the remaining amount is less than half.

Planner Kim acknowledged his fault for selling whole life insurance as메이저사이트 savings insurance and said he would personally compensate for the damage, but said he could not inform the insurance company of this.

[Former Shinhan Life insurance planner Mr. Kim: (Can’t you tell the company to cancel (insurance contract)?) If you do that, I’m afraid I’ll lose my (insurance planner) job, so I can’t talk right now.] All

victims I had no insurance-related expertise, and the root cause was that I trusted the insurance agent I had known for over 10 years.

For some insurances, I have never seen the application form, nor do I remember signing it.

However, even if you raise a problem, there are limits.

Because of the phone call to the insurance company every time you sign up for insurance.

The biggest mistake was to answer ‘yes’ to all of them as requested by the designer to the question of having signed a handwritten signature and being explained important details.

Based on this, insurance companies are refusing to cancel insurance, saying it is a normal contract.

[Shinhan Life Insurance Company Official: Currently, there does not seem to be any particular problem. It’s the part I’m reviewing more of the customer’s request.]

Trusting people I know, I’ve poured in insurance premiums and benefits for over 10 years, and only hundreds of millions of won in damages remain.


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