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“I was surprised by throwing 148km” ERA 1.47 Geelongman, KIA left-handed hidden card?

Will KIA Tigers left-hander Choi Ji-min (19) emerge as a hidden card in his second year? A message of hope came from the Australian League. As a member of Geelong Korea, he played in the Australian League all winter long. He appeared in 17 games and pitched 18⅓ innings. He had 2 saves and 3 holds with a 1.47 earned run average.

He allowed 10 runs, his earned run was 3. 메이저사이트 His walks gave up eight. His standout feature is that he struck out 19 batters. He showed off his ability to strike out against Australia’s strong hitters. He has increased his chances of being used as a left-handed bullpen agent. 

Director Kim Jong-kook personally visited the Australian site this month to encourage him and confirmed Choi Ji-min’s growth. Coach Kim said, “I was surprised that the ball went faster. He shot the highest 148 km and continued to throw the ball at 145 to 146 km.” 

He continued, “I have improved my speed as well. I gained a lot of confidence in Australia. It will get better if I temper more than in the spring camp. It can be used a lot.” 

Choi Ji-min was a prospect who was nominated in the 2022 second round. He was praised for his control and deception (hiding the ball when throwing) during spring camp and practice games. He immediately gathered expectations that he would be used as a first-team bullpen agent with a sense of power. 

However, at the end of the demonstration game, the pitch was shaken. Still, he made his debut by breaking into the opener roster. He pitched in the Gwangju game against the LG Twins, but suffered a setback. He was sluggish with 3 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, 1 walk and 5 runs in 1 inning. He lost confidence and only appeared in six first-team games. He had an ERA of 13.50.

He gained experience at Future Steam. He appeared in 35 games, going 1-5 with 6 holds and an ERA of 7.04. At the same time, he entered Hampyeong Academy, which was opened for intensive training of promising players. He stuck to speed up through customized training and analysis. His self-confidence grew as he personally felt the effects in Geelong Korea. 

On February 1, he was included as one of 18 pitchers for Arizona-Okinawa spring training. He will refine the growth he gained in the Australian league and challenge the first-team bullpen. With more lefties in the bullpen, fierce competition is expected. It is noteworthy whether he will become a hidden card after his incomplete debut season.


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