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Implying a return to Barça?…PSG’s Messi, doesn’t mention his team at all

 Is there any intention to hide from the remarks of Lionel Messi, who will become a free agent soon?

Messi once again stood at the center of controversy by omitting mentions of his current team.

Messi won two gold medals at the 2023 Laureus World Sports Awards held in Paris, France on the 9th (Korean time) by winning the Sports Player of the Year and Team of the Year awards. 

The Laureus World Sports Awards, which has been held since 2000, is an award given to players and organizations that have been active in each field of sports every year. More than 1,000 sports media outlets from 70 countries around the world vote to select the winner. 

Messi was honored with the second award following the first award of the Sports Player of the Year in collaboration with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton in 2020. He is the only soccer player to receive the award.

At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Messi captained Argentina to their third World Cup title and his first. 

Speaking at the award ceremony, Messi thanked his country, Argentina and his teammates. 

He said, “I was able to achieve my dream and the dream of my country. Although it is late, it is the best gift. After waiting for a really long time, the thing that I and my country have been waiting for has happened. So I want to share this award with my country, Argentina.” 

Speaking of the years leading up to winning the World Cup, Messi only mentioned the joy of being in Barcelona. Spanish media Mundo Deportivo also pointed this out. 

“Everything has happened so far. There is a lot of joy at Barcelona and a lot of sadness because we did not achieve the goals we set for the national team,” he said.

“I never stopped and everything taught me. There were many obstacles in front of me, but I always tried to overcome them. I was able to get better thanks to my family and people who supported me.” 

Messi is currently at PSG. In the summer of 2021, due to Barcelona’s financial crisis, he had to leave the team and moved to PSG, where he has been active so far. 

Messi’s contract ends this summer. Because of this, rumors of his transfer and his return to Barcelona are circulating. 스포츠토토

He recently received a huge offer from Al-Hilal in the Saudi Professional League, but he turned it down. Barcelona is also constantly in touch with Messi’s father and is promoting his return in various ways. 

On the 6th, Messi went on a trip to Saudi Arabia the day after the game, and it was known that he did not attend training without permission, and there was also a happening where he officially apologized through a video. He reveals the fact that he is not focused at PSG whether or not he is. 


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