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In Brazil, an 11-year-old son drives a plane, and his father has a beer… crash death tragedy

A father and son were killed in a light plane crash in Brazil recently. It is believed that the plane was piloted by his 11-year-old son at the time of the accident메이저사이트.

According to the British Daily Mail on the 4th (local time), on the 29th of last month, a light plane crashed in Rondonia, central Brazil, killing father Garon Maia (42) and son Francisco (11).

Maia, who ran the ranch, boarded a private plane with Francisco around 5:50 on the day of the accident.

The plane, which stopped at the Vilhena regional airport to refuel and took off again, disappeared from radar in eight minutes. Airport officials tried to contact the plane, but when there was no response, they called the police.

The police, who launched a search, found the wreckage of the plane in the jungles of Rondonia the next day. The plane was destroyed beyond recognition, and the rich man was dead.

In Brazil, only those over the age of 18 who are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority can fly an airplane. The impact of the crash threw Maia and Francisco out of the plane, so it’s unclear who was sitting in the cockpit at the time of the crash, but police believe Francisco was piloting the plane.

Looking at the video Maia posted on SNS (social network service) right before the accident, Francisco is sitting in the cockpit of a light plane flying in the sky.

Maia, who was in the passenger seat, drank a bottle of beer while teaching Francisco how to fly the plane, such as “Your hand should always hold the steering wheel” and “You can go as it is.”

Local police are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident. “An experienced pilot would have attempted a makeshift landing,” the police said, “but there is no such sign. We plan to identify it, but it is very likely that my son flew the plane.”

The tragic incident did not end here. Maia’s wife was shocked to lose her husband and her son in an instant, and after her funeral, she took her own life.


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