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“It was more suitable than Kim Seo-hyun” Director Yeom Kyung-yeop and Park Myung-geun’s amazing relationship, the first group project started

 It’s a wonderful relationship. He wore the same uniform as the player he strongly recommended as the technical committee chairman. It was completely unexpected for him, but it became a reality and he is currently working on a project to join the first team. This is a story about LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop and high school graduate sidearm rookie pitcher Park Myeong-geun (19).

His story is as follows. Prior to the postponement of the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) last year, coach Yeom was serving as the KBO Technical Committee. An amateur player had to be included in the AG national team roster, but coach Yeom recommended Park Myeong-geun of Raongo at the technical committee meeting.안전놀이터

Regarding the insistence on Park Myung-geun at the time, coach Yeom said, “I was thinking about who to choose as an amateur player between Kim Seo-hyun and Park Myung-geun. However, he saw that Park Myeong-geun was more suitable for use. I thought Kim Seo-hyun could only use it in the China or Hong Kong matches. On the other hand, Park Myung-geun thought he could be used against any team. He saw that even in a situation where he was leading, he could come out in a winning group.”

Director Yeom continued, “At the time, director Yang Sang-moon also recommended Park Myeong-geun. I also told coach Joong-il Ryu that if I were to pick an amateur player, I would prefer Park Myeong-geun. He was a pitcher who had quick slide steps and, above all, knew how to fight batters. He added, “Out of a total of 10 amateur candidates, Park Myung-geun was the most suitable, so he recommended it.”

Although the Technical Committee Chairman strongly recommended Park Myung-geun to join the AG national team, it was not possible. This is because the AG was postponed due to the blockade in China due to Corona 19 in May. Still, a strange connection continued. Coach Yeom and Park Myeong-geun have been wearing the same uniform since November last year. In the September rookie draft, Park Myeong-geun was nominated by LG and first wore a pinstripe uniform, and in November, coach Yeom took the LG baton.

Afterwards, Park Myung-geun was the only rookie to be on the first-team spring camp list. He has completed his first pro camp in good shape and is looking forward to exhibition games. He was included in the 5 starting candidates along with Kang Hyo-jong and Kim Yoo-young, and even if he does not get into the starting rotation, he is highly likely to get on the first team entry as an intermediate pitcher.

Director Yeom is so confident in Park Myung-geun’s success. Director Yeom said, “Park Myung-geun is a sidearm pitcher who can deal with both left and right batters. He also throws a curveball changeup and, above all, his pitching motion is very fast. On fastballs, he throws no more than a second and curveballs to take just over a second. It is difficult for runners to run, and it is also difficult for batters to catch the timing.”

He is of course good at pitching. He recorded the highest speed of 153 km during his amateur days. Although he is only 174 cm tall, he throws a ball faster than anyone else. Another high-level sidearm that reminds me of Byung-Hyun Kim of the past is preparing for his first professional season.

Director Yeom smiled and said, “I like it too, but wouldn’t it be nice for Myeong-geun to meet a leader who knows himself?” He thinks he is a pitcher who can just go for about 3 innings, maybe after the 2nd lap. He has good control and a variety of pitches. He predicted Park Myung-geun’s performance, saying, “I think he is suitable as a starting pitcher or as a second pitcher after starting.”


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