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“I’ve never lost” vs “I will overturn the PO”

The first point of observation of the professional volleyball 2022-2023 V-League men’s playoffs (PO, 2 wins in 3 matches), which kicks off at Cheonan Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium on the 24th, is the confrontation between the two team commanders. Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong (47) and KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min (43), both former famous setters representing the V-League, will compete in spring volleyball for the first time. Coach Choi has been leading Hyundai Capital for eight seasons, and this is Kwon’s debut season at the command tower.

The relationship between Director Choi and Director Kwon is special. Coach Kwon, who started playing volleyball at Hakik Elementary School in Incheon, developed his dream of becoming a player by learning sports from coach Choi, who was attending Inha Middle School nearby at the time. Director Kwon later became Director Choi’s Inhabujung and Inhabugo four years junior. On the professional stage, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (Choi Tae-woong) and Hyundai Capital (Kwon Young-min), the rival teams representing the V-League, fought a resourceful battle as the main setters.

Afterwards, coach Choi was nominated as a compensation player for free agent (FA) Park Chul-woo (now KEPCO) and moved to Hyundai Capital, and the two coaches competed for the starting positions in the team. Coach Kwon moved to KB Insurance with the appointment of coach Choi in the 2015-2016 season, continued his career as a player at KEPCO, and rose to the command tower position through coaching.

Looking at the previous PO performance of the two teams, Hyundai Capital has an advantage. Hyundai Capital has many good memories with a series record of 6 wins and 3 losses in previous POs. In particular, after coach Choi took office, he won a ticket to the championship match with two wins in both POs. On the other hand, KEPCO failed to win a single win in the past three POs and was eliminated in all of them. The fact that 13 out of 17 men’s POs held until last season (76.5%) led the second-place team to the championship game is also an advantage for Hyundai Capital.

Recently, KEPCO has the upper hand. 4th place KEPCO, which succeeded in ‘upsetting’ Woori Card, which was 3rd place in the regular league in JunPO, challenges to advance to the club’s first championship match. On the other hand, Hyundai Capital was unable to participate in the PO due to a right ankle injury caused by local ace Jeon Kwang-in (32) stepping on the opposing team Seo Jae-deok (34)’s foot in the 6th round confrontation with KEPCO on the 9th. Even in the season record, Hyundai Capital is behind with 2 wins and 4 losses.

Director Kwon said,바카라사이트 “Director Choi is serious about volleyball. He said, “I have a lot to learn,” but expressed confidence, “I have a lot of good memories in Cheonan (because I belonged to Hyundai Capital in the past).” Coach Choi said, “It is important to maintain teamwork as much as possible in order to overcome KEPCO’s high blocking. As much as the opponent’s momentum is good, I will prepare calmly.”


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