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‘Jeong Jin-seok prison sentence’ Judge Political SNS Controversy… After confirming the Supreme Court

Controversy continues over the judge of the Seoul Central District Court, who sentenced Rep. Jin-seok Jeong to prison last week.

This is because it is known that he posted a post revealing his political orientation on social media even after he was appointed as a judge.

The Supreme Court set out to verify the facts.

This is reporter Kim Yoo-ah.


Judge Park Byung-gon of the Seoul Central District Court, who was in charge of the first trial of Congressman Jeong Jin-seok, the power of the people, who was accused of defaming the late former President Roh Moo-hyun.

Prosecutors demanded a fine of 5 million won, but Judge Park sentenced him to six months in prison.

Not only was he sentenced to a heavier sentence than the original sentence, but he was evaluated as “unusual” around the legal community for being sentenced to prison for defamation.

Since then, Judge Park has been posting articles defending progressive figures since he was a student, and suspicions that this tendency influenced this sentence were raised, centering on the passport, and the controversy amplified.

The Seoul Central District Court even issued a statement saying, “We express deep concern over the situation in which excessive criticism is being raised while discussing political inclinations.”

However, the problem escalated when it became known that she had posted a post revealing her inclination even after being appointed as a judge obliged to maintain ‘political neutrality’.

It is said that after Yoon Seok-yeol was elected president in last year’s presidential election, he posted a post on social media, saying, “I burst into resentment, despair,메이저사이트 and sadness, but I have to wake up from the third day.”

In the end, a Supreme Court official said, “We are checking the facts regarding the use of SNS after appointment.”

In 2011, a chief judge who posted a satire demeaning former President Lee Myung-bak on social media received a written warning from the chief of the court.

With the nomination of the successor to Supreme Court Chief Kim Myung-soo approaching in the near future, there is also a prospect that it may cause another controversy in line with the issue of political neutrality in the judiciary.


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