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Jo Min’s YouTube views are dropping… Why all of a sudden?

The number of views of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk’s daughter메이저사이트 Cho Min’s YouTube channel ‘ Minchobae ‘ is steadily decreasing. In particular, in response to supporters’ criticism that he was focusing too much on healing, the number of views dropped significantly after he expressed his stance, “I will live the life I want, not the life others want or demand,” leading to some interpretations that this may have influenced him. .

As of the morning of the 30th, YouTube channel Jjomin’s most recent video (last 29th) is ‘Everything about traveling to Jeju Island!’ The video has 43,000 views. Posted on the 27th, ‘Is there something you can only buy at Apple headquarters?’ This is about half of the number of video views (96,000).

The number of views on Jjomin’s channel is steadily declining. The YouTube video ‘I went camping in Chuncheon and almost died from the heat’, which was uploaded on June 20th, attracted a lot of interest, recording 280,000 views, but it continued to decline, and the video ‘Choose only recommendations from local people in Jeonju’ uploaded on the 25th of last month lost. The number of views was 180,000. On the 15th, the video ‘Eating the famous Hoengseong Korean beef~’ recorded 160,000 views.

Cho’s statement that “I decide the direction, width, and speed of my steps” also appears to have had an impact here. On the 23rd, Mr. Cho said, “Those who have worked on even one YouTube video will not be able to say that I am ‘playing around without meaning’.” I will live independently according to it.” He pointedly said, “I am not a current affairs YouTuber or a political YouTuber, and I have no plans to become one.” This was in response to comments from supporters saying, “I support you, but why don’t you stop looking for peace of mind and show yourself focusing on other things?” At the time, a netizen wrote, “I feel sorry for the situation of former Minister Cho, his wife, and daughter and support them, but if you keep posting pictures of them resting and healing too much…”


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