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“Just keep going like this” Morimando last year, Elias this year… Another sign of success as an alternative to SSG

SSG Landers, which recruited a substitute foreign pitcher this year following last year, is in the mood to turn a crisis into an opportunity once again.메이저놀이터

SSG had to find a foreign pitcher to replace Ivan Nova, who had high expectations last year. Initially, high expectations were placed on Nova, who had won 90 career victories in the major leagues, but the ups and downs were severe. Nova only had 3 wins and 4 losses and an ERA of 6.50 in 12 games. With his brilliant major league career and an attitude to actively learn Korean baseball culture, he had a strong desire to reduce the ups and downs on his own, but SSG, which had to keep the lead, had no choice but to take out a replacement card.

SSG, well aware of the uncertainties associated with recruiting foreign players during the season, hoped that the question mark would disappear for Sean Morrimando, who signed a contract in July. However, Morimando made a strong impression in a short period of time. He started 12 games and went 7-1 with a 1.67 ERA, further solidifying his starting lineup. Although he did not show off his skills as much as he did in the regular season in the Korean Series, it was clear that Morimando acted as a lubricant on the way to the combined championship.

A similar situation has been created this season. SSG tried to fill the position of ace Wilmer Font, who left for the big leagues, by recruiting left-hander Eni Romero, who threw 150 km per hour. However, Romero, who developed shoulder pain during the spring camp, left Korea without playing in a single game in the regular season after the evaluation match. Fortunately, another foreign pitcher, Kirk McCarty, played a big role, but considering the fact that the pitching condition of the existing starters, such as Kim Gwang-hyun and Park Jong-hoon, did not improve, the recruitment of a new foreign pitcher was obviously urgent.

SSG focused on replacing foreign pitchers by utilizing the human network of former coach Trey Hillman, who signed a consultant contract. After comprehensively examining various factors such as skills and attitude, and putting him on the recruiting list, he sought advice from fellow Cuban foreign hitter Guillermo Heredia. It took a considerable amount of time to finish all the complex recruiting procedures, but as a result, there are signs of success once again.

Loenis Elias, who joined at the end of May, is doing well with 3 wins and 1 loss and ERA of 2.42 in 4 games. From the match against Incheon Samsung Lions on the 31st of last month, he even wrote 3 consecutive games Quality Start Plus (QS+ pitching with 3 earned runs or less in 7 or more starting innings).

He has more games to play, so it’s not a step to jump to conclusions, but his recent pitches are certainly encouraging. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “I hope you can keep it this way.” His pitching tempo is also fast and aggressive. He said he was satisfied with his ability to digest innings.


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