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Kang Man-soo, chairman of the KOVO Youth Development Committee, “a competition to secure volleyball fans and elite players”

“Securing volleyball fans is the first thing. And through competitions like this, talented players can come out.”

The 2022 Gimcheon KOVO Cup Youth Volleyball Tournament, which was held for two days from the 10th to the 11th in Gimcheon, concluded all schedules.

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) youth development chairman Kang Man-soo also visited this tournament, which was a venue for non-elite players to show off their skills.

Chairman Kang, who directly watched the games of youth players and even awarded awards, said, “It feels good to see young children active 토토 through the sport of volleyball. I hope you will be proud when you think about now when you grow up later.”

Why does Chairman Kang consistently hold competitions for non-elite players rather than elite players? “Securing volleyball fans is the first thing. And through these competitions, talented players can come out. There are players who are interested in volleyball and advance to the elite. That is why we are holding this competition.”

Chairman Kang also had a desire to make the contest bigger, which only elementary school students can participate in. “I want to open a competition where middle school and high school students can participate. but the conditions are not Later, if the conditions permit, I have a desire to open it wider.”

Finally, Chairman Kang said, “Volleyball is a team sport that cannot be done alone. It is a sport that can be done well by helping each other. I hope the children will learn a lesson through this competition.”


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