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“Kim Seong-tae presses Lee Hwa-young to make a statement about ‘paying the expenses for visiting North Korea’, saying that he will expose ‘Lee Hae-chan’s support’”

At the trial of former Gyeonggi Vice Governor Lee Hwa-young on the 8th, lawyer Hyung-tae Kim, who is the lawyer, submitted an opinion that he could not agree to adopt Lee Hwa-young’s prosecution report as evidence. The purpose of this opinion was that the prosecution메이저사이트 and former Ssangbang-ul chairman Kim Seong-tae pressured and conciliated Mr. Lee Hwa-young. It also contained an unfavorable investigation situation for Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung.

According to the written opinion, Lee Hwa-young made a statement to the prosecution to the effect of “reporting to the governor that Ssangbangbang paid for the cost of Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung’s visit to North Korea in 2019 for $3 million instead.”

While doing cross-examination with Mr. Kim Seong-tae, ‘I asked Kim Seong-tae to help Lee Jae-myung visit North Korea during the Philippine International Convention in July 2019’ ‘I reported this to Lee Jae-myung after the international convention’ It is said that he made a statement that he reported to Lee Jae-myeong that he had given money to North Korea.

It is more specific than what has been known so far. However, the opinion insisted that “the former vice-governor Lee made a false statement under Kim Seong-tae’s conciliation and pressure.” On this day, the court decided not to accept the opinion submitted by Attorney Kim.

At the trial that day, Lee Hwa-young refused the ‘proposition’ of lawyer Kim Tae-tae, saying, ‘I will take charge of the court defense from now on.’ A lawyer said, “It seems that Lee Hwa-young intends to keep the prosecution’s statement related to Lee.”

If true, sensitive content also appears in the opinion statement. ‘If the defendant (Lee Hwa-young) refuses to make a false statement, Kim Seong-tae lobbied against the court at the time of Lee Jae-myung’s trial in the past, the fact that he donated donations to Lee Jae-myeong through Lee Jae-myung’s close aide Kim Yong, and Lee Hae-chan and others defend Lee Jae-myeong. He said he would disclose all the facts about the organization he was helping.

The opinion argued that Seong-tae Kim unfairly demanded a false statement from Hwa-young Lee in this way. In the legal world, there was a saying, “There are parts that are connected to suspicions such as Ssangbangul’s ‘payment of attorney fees’ and ‘support for former CEO Lee Hae-chan'” and “Eventually, this is a part that the prosecution needs to confirm.”


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