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Korea match 5 runs’ Japanese outfielder, ML prestigious team 4 runs scored… Great success at WBC Showcase

 Japanese national team outfielder Masataka Yoshida (30, Boston Red Sox) saw the effect of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) properly.

On the 27th (Korean time), NESN, an American media that mainly deals with Boston news, said, “Yoshida will start his first season as a cleanup hitter in Boston.”

The reason was his excellent batting ability and Boston manager Alex Cora’s trust. NESN reported, “Yoshida doesn’t have the physique for a cleanup hitter at 173cm and 79kg, but he has power and good on-base ability. And Cora thinks it’s right to put him in the batting order he’s used to.”

This is a different development than expected. In December of last year, Yoshida signed a 5-year, 90 million dollar contract through the posting system and joined Boston, one of the prestigious major league teams. After debuting with Orix in 2016, Yoshida recorded a career batting average of 0.326, 135 home runs, 474 RBIs, an on-base percentage of 0.419, and a slugging average of 0.538 for 7 years, and was evaluated for having an excellent pioneering eye and slugging power.

At the same time, bubble controversy arose. Yoshida’s outfield defense was evaluated as below average, and he was expected to be a designated hitter. In that sense, this WBC tournament, in which a large number of major league all-star players compete, was a kind of showcase for Yoshida.

And in the showcase, which started with half expectations and half concerns, Yoshida achieved great success. While playing mainly as the 4th hitter of the Japanese national team, he recorded a batting average of 0.409, 2 home runs and 13 RBIs, an on-base percentage of 0.409 and a slugging percentage of 0.531, and was proudly selected as an All-Star of the tournament. In particular, the 13 RBIs were the record for the most RBIs in a single WBC tournament, including 5 RBIs against Korea and 3 RBIs in a tie against Mexico in the semifinals.

Director Korra seems to have fallen in love with Yoshida’s performance. “I want Yoshida to be left alone. That’s really important,” Cora said.메이저사이트 “Hanging him to do things he hasn’t done before in a new environment and trying to adapt to everything is just too much.” He added, “Looking at Yoshida, I think he’s going to play pretty well behind Justin Turner. The way we’re going to use Yoshida right now is like this.”

It is not only hitting that has earned trust., the official website of the major leagues, projected Yoshida as the fourth hitter and left fielder in the opening game. After winning the WBC, he raised his expectations by playing as a left fielder in an exhibition match. lists the Boston Opening Day lineup as Alex Verdugo (right field), Rafael Devers (third base), Justin Turner (designated hitter), Masataka Yoshida (left field), Adam Duvall (center field), Tristan Casas (first base). -Christian Arroyo (second baseman)-Liz Maguire (catcher)-Enrique Hernandez (shortstop) was expected to step out in turn.


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