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Last chance on the brink… Jang Won-joon became the winning pitcher again

There is a player who was on the brink of retirement before the start of this season’s professional baseball season.

The story of Doosan Jang Won-joon, who announced the resurrection in what was probably the last chance of baseball life, is giving a big resonance.안전놀이터

Doosan’s veteran pitcher Jang Won-joon is back on the mound as a starter after about 1,000 days.

It wasn’t the pitch he had in his heyday, but I could feel his earnest desire to catch the batter by any means in each pitch thrown by Jang Won-joon.

Doosan fans finally shed tears when the returning left-handed ace won his first victory in five years and his 130th career victory was confirmed.

Jang Won-joon, who played an active part as a member of the ‘Fantastic 4’, which refers to the strongest starters during the Doosan Dynasty, fell into sluggishness from 2018 for an unknown reason and even worried about his retirement.

However, Jang Won-joon received an opportunity that might be the last in his baseball life from newly appointed manager Lee Seung-yeop this year, and seized the opportunity. <Jang Won-joon / Doosan Pitcher> “In the past, I thought it was natural to start ,

but… I felt strange. I don’t have a goal. I’ll do my best in the given role and work hard for a year or two…”

Congratulations on your successful comeback.

In particular, catcher Yang Eui-ji, who has been building batteries for a long time, has been more focused on the game than ever before.

<Yang Eui-ji / Doosan catcher> “Won-jun did his best for his brother’s 130 wins.”

The pitching team’s juniors gave Jang Won-joon a baptism of water that washed away the sadness he felt.

Jeong Chan-heon, who became a ‘FA lost child’ ahead of this season and later joined the original team Kiwoom, also scored his first win of the thrilling season on the same day.

Jeong Chan-heon, who recorded an average ERA of 3.27 in 4 starts, is announcing a revival at the brink of baseball life by being dropped as a sure 5th starter.


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