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“Lee Kang-in will go to the EPL” ATM abandonment → Lee Kang-in’s possibility of going to the EPL is rising

The explanation is that Lee Kang-in is more likely to head to the English stage.

Lee Kang-in has received attention from many clubs since last winter. A number of English Premier League (EPL) expressed interest in Lee Kang-in, but the name that stood out the most was Atletico Madrid, the prestigious Spanish La Liga. In addition to the reason that Atletico is a big club, Lee Kang-in grew up in Spain since childhood and is familiar with the Spanish environment, and Atletico is also a La Liga club like Mallorca, so even if he transfers, it is expected that he will not need or have a short adaptation period, so Atletico seemed the best option for Lee Kang-in. .

However, at the time, Mallorca blocked Lee Kang-in’s transfer because he was reluctant to send the team’s ace during the season. Until recently, there were reports about Lee Kang-in’s possibility of going to Atletico, so I thought that Atletico’s interest in Lee Kang-in was continuing.

It didn’t take long for the mood to change. It was reported that Atletico felt burdened in paying Lee Kang-in’s buyout due to the club’s financial reasons. Lee Kang-in’s buyout of 17 million euros (approximately 24.7 billion won) felt expensive. Atlético intends to buy Lee Kang-in only if he comes to the market for 10 million euros (approximately 14.5 billion won). There were also reports that Atlético had turned to bringing another promising player, Rodrigo Riquelme, instead of Lee Kang-in.

As Atlético let go of the Lee Kang-in recruitment match, their eyes naturally turned to the EPL. Among the teams that Lee Kang-in has been consistently connected to, there is Aston Villa. Local reports linking Villa and Lee Kang-in appeared because manager Unai Emery wanted Lee Kang-in and general manager Matteu Alemadi, who is from Mallorca and has good relations with Mallorca, joined Villa. There is a good chance that Lee Kang-in will choose to go to the EPL.메이저사이트

Spain’s ‘Football España’ also said, “Lee Kang-in is more likely to head to the EPL as Atletico is reluctant to pay the buyout amount. Atletico has shown interest in signing Lee Kang-in, but now the EPL is a strong destination.” explained that it could.

If Lee Kang-in goes to the EPL, Villa is likely. Villa is said to be willing to pay for Lee Kang-in’s buyout clause.


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