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Lim Sang-hyeop, who received a standing ovation from Pohang fans, “I am happy that the past two years have not been in vain”

Pohang fans shouted Im Sang-hyeop and applauded. The two years spent here was not in vain. Still, you showed a good side of yourself.”

On the 15th, Pohang Steelers and FC Seoul, who played the 7th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Pohang Steel Yard, drew 1-1.

Seoul striker Lim Sang-hyeop was replaced in the 43rd minute of the second half to applause from Pohang fans. Although he visited Steel Yard as Pohang’s enemy, he is remembered as a good player. Im Sang-hyeop joined Pohang in 2021 with the determination to be the last chance, and then met with manager Kim Ki-dong and had a ‘second heyday’.

Im Sang-hyeop, who met with ‘Footballist’ after the game, said, “I felt really strange today. I followed the away team’s route, not the route I was used to. It was awkward.”

Clinical Hyeop went straight to the Pohang locker room. Im Sang-hyup, who met coach Kim Ki-dong after a long time, hugged and greeted his players. Coach Kim also said, “After moving the team, it was not easy to come to the old team’s locker room to say hello, but it was nice to come.”

Im Sang-hyeop said, “Of course I thought I had to go. Teacher Gi-dong is a very special coach to me. He is the person who made me who I am today. I have special feelings beyond the director.”

Im Sang-hyeop continued, “I played soccer very happily in Pohang for the past two years. (Kwon) Wan-gyu teases me as ‘the hometown where I spent my second heyday’. Pohang is a city full of good memories. I was really happy.” added.

Pohang fans also did not forget the clinical cooperation. When the Seoul team arrived at a hotel in Pohang on the eve of the game,메이저놀이터 some fans went to Im Sang-hyeop. Im Sang-hyup said, “Pohang fans came to the hotel with my uniform. They signed autographs and took pictures. Thank you.”

When the whistle blew at the end of the game, Lim Sang-hyeop immediately walked to the Pohang stands and greeted them. The name of the Clinical Consultation and applause erupted from the audience. Im Sang-hyup said, “Pohang fans shouted Im Sang-hyeop and clapped their hands. The time I spent here for two years was not in vain. Still, I showed a good image. I was happy to hear that.”


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