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Metamorphosis after 5 years… Hyundai Motor unveils larger ‘new Santa Fe’

On the 10th, Hyundai Motor Company first released메이저사이트 the specifications of the mid-size sports utility vehicle ( SUV ) Santa Fe completely changed model through its official YouTube channel. This is the first model introduced in 5 years since the release of the 4th generation in 2018, and the design, body size, and driving aids have completely changed. The diesel model will be dropped, and only gasoline and hybrid models will be produced.

Unlike the previous model, which adopted a curved design, the new Santa Fe is characterized by a box-shaped design with an emphasis on straight lines. The front and rear lights in the shape of an ‘ H’ that imitated the emblem of Hyundai Motor Company also emphasize straight lines. The ‘seamless horizon lamp (horizontal lamp)’, also known as the straight eyebrow, is a common denominator of recent Hyundai Motors designs.

He also grew in size. The length (distance between the front and back of the vehicle) and wheelbase (distance between the front and rear wheel axles) are 4830 mm and 2815 mm, respectively, 45 mm and 50 mm longer. The total height (vehicle height) has increased by 35 mm to 1720 mm. The overall width (vehicle width without side mirrors) is 1900 mm, the same as before. Hyundai Motor Company explained that the longer battlefield, high overall height, and design emphasizing straight lines give a solid and grand feeling.

As the battlefield, width, and height increased, the interior space and loading capacity also increased. In particular, when the second and third row seats are fully folded, it provides the best-in-class interior space. The loading capacity is also the best in its class at 725ℓ, which is large enough to carry 4 golf bags and 4 Boston bags. In particular, the rear door was made larger to increase the sense of openness when opened.

The new Santa Fe is operated with a total of two powertrains: 2.5 turbo gasoline and 1.6 turbo hybrid. Diesel is excluded from this model. The 2.5 turbo gasoline has a maximum output of 281 horsepower and a combined fuel economy of 11.0 km/ℓ. The 1.6 turbo hybrid has a maximum system output of 235 horsepower.


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