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‘Miracle run that ended’ LA Lakers, but it was good

The LA Lakers’ miracle run stopped in the conference finals.

In Game 4 of the 2022-23 NBA Western Conference Finals, which took place on the morning of the 23rd (Korean time), LeBron James’ LA Lakers lost to Denver 111-113 and failed to advance to the NBA Finals.

With this defeat, the Lakers swallowed regret by giving Denver, who stood by Yokichi, the ‘first ever final’.

LeBron James, who was looking forward to the future, struggled until the end, recording 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists, but the fact that double ace Anthony Davis (40 points in Game 1) alternated with LeBron James and repeated sluggishness and great success determined the series. was a loser

Still, it was a happy season for the Lakers. The Lakers, who were in 13th place with a record of 27 wins and 32 losses until just before All-Star on February 20, and the playoffs were unclear.

However, Russell Westbrook, who was cutting the team’s power, was sent out, and through trade, Hachimura Rui-D’Angelo Russell was supplied and supplied, and the roster was reorganized with an immediate sense of power.

Not long after releasing Russell Westbrook, the Lakers started to rebound. Immediately after the departure of Russell Westbrook, the record was 10-6.

In particular, D’Angelo Russell, who returned after being injured in a game against the Golden State Warriors on February 24, led the Lakers’ leap by showing explosive power approaching 30 points once in two games. It was a reversal of the resources recruited without great expectations.

Even the Los Angeles Clippers, who acquired Russell Westbrook through a triangle trade, got virtually the same result as last year’s play-in elimination. A 1-4 loss to Phoenix in the first round.

Westbrook himself was sluggish with 9 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists in the first game alone, but performed well as a second option following Leonard.

However,먹튀검증 in the first game where Westbrook was sluggish, the Clippers won, and in the remaining games, such as the 2nd and 3rd games, where Westbrook was sluggish, the playoffs ended early with a mysterious result. The title that this magazine evaluated about him in the middle of the season was the most suitable.

From the bottom seed to the conference finals, the Lakers worked hard until the very end. LeBron James’ skills are still there, but if he and Anthony Davis have someone to help them, next season’s finals run will be much easier.


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