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Misunderstanding that he was having an affair with his wife… Husband stabs a man in his 50s in the eye with a 40cm umbrella

A husband in his 50s who assaulted a man in his 50s with an umbrella because he misunderstood that he was having an affair with his wife was spared prison time.

Uijeongbu District Court Namyangju Branch Criminal Division 1 (Chief Judge Choi Chi-bong) announced on the 4th that Mr. A (55), who was indicted on charges of special injury and violation of the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving), was sentenced to 1 year and 2 months in prison and 2 years of probation. .

He was also ordered to complete 160 hours of community service and attend 40 hours of law-abiding driving classes.

Mr. A saw his wife talking to victim B (53) in a parking lot in Guri-si메이저사이트, Gyeonggi-do at around 7:20 pm in August last year, misunderstood that they were having an affair, and hit Mr. B’s neck with a 40cm long folding umbrella. He was hit on the head several times.

The assault continued even after Mr. B fell. Mr. A stepped on the victim’s neck with his foot and then stabbed and pressed the victim’s eye area with an umbrella. As a result of this assault, Mr. B suffered a concussion and a torn forehead, which required suture surgery and two weeks of displacement.

While being investigated without detention for this incident, Mr. A was caught by the police while driving under the influence. At the time, Mr. A’s blood alcohol level was 0.092%, which was at the level of license cancellation.

Mr. A, who was taken to trial, denied the charge of special injury, saying that the folding umbrella was not a dangerous object and had not caused any injuries.

However, the court decided that the umbrella that Mr. A used in the crime was an item that could pose a risk to the victim’s life or body, and that the fact of the damage was acknowledged given that the victim had lost a significant amount of blood at the time.

The court said, “Mr. A hit the victim with a dangerous object, causing injury, and even committed drunk driving even though the related investigation is ongoing. “The crime is by no means light,” he said.

However, he added, “Considering the fact that there is no history of punishment higher than imprisonment, the fact that there is no history of punishment for drunk driving after 2005, the agreement reached with the victim, and the fact that the family is pleading for leniency, we are imposing a suspended sentence only this time.”


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