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Money vs money sticks properly… The man Chelsea and PSG are targeting at the same time

Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) compete for Manuel Ugarte.

Ugarte, a midfielder from Uruguay, is a high-volume player who stirs the ground. Ugarte’s activity is helpful to the team in all aspects of the offense and defense, but Ugarte is often used defensively because he shows better defensive skills such as tackling and interception than others. He is sometimes compared to Rodrigo Bentancur, who is also from Uruguay.먹튀검증

Born in 2001, now 22 years old, Ugarte has attracted the attention of many big clubs thanks to his talent at Sporting CP. So far, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, etc. have been connected with Ugarte, and PSG also has a strong interest in Ugarte.

PSG immediately moved into action. The other teams contacted Ugarte before they approached him. Portuguese media ‘Hecord’ said, “Sporting has already received an official offer for Ugarte. PSG appear to have started negotiations with Ugarte right away by offering Sporting a buyout amount for Ugarte.

Citing the report, France’s ‘L’Equipe’ explained that general manager Louis Campos is actively pursuing the signing of Ugarte, and that Ugarte will wear a PSG uniform this summer unless there is an unexpected change.

However, variables emerged. That’s Chelsea. “Chelsea is another team that wants to pay Ugarte’s buyout and sign him,” Hekord said. He said Chelsea were attempting to hijack Ugarte.

Clubs with a lot of money are different. Chelsea recruited many players in the summer and winter transfer markets with the new owner on their back and enormous wealth at the forefront. This time, when there is a player he wants, he is ‘cool’ and pays the buyout amount.

PSG handed over the offer first, but I can’t be vigilant. ‘Hekord’ explained that Sporting is in an advantageous position in negotiations and that the player has the final decision, and that Ugarte is prioritizing advancing to the English Premier League (EPL). It is said that PSG, which belongs to the French Ligue 1, may be pushed out due to league competitiveness.


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