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‘Monster’ is back… Ryu Hyun-jin returns to the selection after 1 year and 2 months

Today, in the middle of the day, the perceived temperature will exceed 35 degrees. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security raised the heat wave crisis warning level to the highest ‘severe’ level in four years. The Central script has started the first stage.

still… There are people who leave for the ‘workplace of death’. CBS No Cut News reporters met the vinyl house farmhouse and delivery drivers .

The global village is in full swing.

The heat wave exceeded 50 degrees, and the Iranian government declared a temporary holiday for two days. American Amazon drivers, who were in charge of more than 400 deliveries a day even in weather exceeding 40 degrees, went on strike for the first time.

Europe’s tourism industry has been hit hard. Greek authorities have temporarily closed the Acropolis, and Italy has banned outdoor activities for tourists on the island of Sardinia메이저사이트.

Investigation of 293 private apartments… ‘Attributing others’ workshop led by President 尹

The government expands the subject of inspection to 293 private apartments that have applied the ‘Muryangpan Method’. 105 complexes are currently under construction, and 188 complexes are occupied.

Among them, it was confirmed that not only underground parking lots but also some complexes that adopted the Muryangpan method were included in residential buildings. Hwajeong Apartment in Gwangju, where the collapse occurred in January of last year, was the case adopted for the residential building.

Politics is a battleground to blame others. President Yoon Seok-yeol said at a cabinet meeting, “All of the underground parking lots under the Muryangpan Construction Act had design errors, poor construction, and poor supervision before the inauguration of our government.”

The power of the people insists on a state affairs investigation of the poor construction of the Muryangpan construction law, and it looks like it will set a counter fire to the opposition party’s ‘Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway State Affairs Investigation’.

The Democratic Party commented, “Once again, I’m busy blaming others” and “I’m just busy pointing my fingers.”

At the time of the feasibility assessment of the Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, it was confirmed as a result of CBS Nocut News coverage that the service company paid the full amount of the completion amount of more than 1.8 billion won even without conducting a key investigation.

‘Korean Monster’ is back… Ryu Hyun-jin returns to the starting lineup today

Hyunjin Ryu is back. Major League Toronto’s Ryu Hyun-jin will have a comeback today after 1 year and 2 months after elbow surgery. It’s a starting pitch.

Ryu Hyun-jin recently raised his sense of practice in the minor leagues, sprayed up to 85 balls, and recorded a fastball speed of 146 km per hour.

His return opponent is Baltimore, which leads the league in winning percentage. The batting line I recently picked is my strength. Attention is focusing on whether the returning monster will show off its health.


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