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‘Mr. Right Words’ Kim Hyun-soo “Family, the future is at stake… Don’t do what you shouldn’t do”

Kim Hyun-soo’s message for ‘temporary claim’ was simple and powerful.

“I wish I hadn’t done anything I shouldn’t have done.”

On the 14th, LG suffered from Lee Chun-woong’s illegal online gambling poet. Lee Chun-woong was the culprit of the ‘metropolitan club online gambling rumor’ that had been circulating since last month.

LG judged that the information about Lee Cheon-woong, which was first received at the Clean Baseball Center, was unreliable, and put him in the opening entry and even used him in practice. However, in the course of the investigation, the need for a prosecution investigation was raised, and the day after hearing about this fact from the KBO, he was excluded from the first team. Afterwards, after conducting self-investigation, Lee Chun-woong’s poet was accepted. Lee Chun-woong turned himself in to the police on the 14th.

Things outside of the game did not shake the squad. On the 14th, LG won a big 13-4 against Doosan in Jamsil. There were no home runs or stolen bases, but he recorded 14 hits and 4 opponent errors, breaking the record for the most points scored in one game this season. Kim Hyun-soo posted 2 hits and 4 RBIs in 4 at-bats, and coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop praised him, saying, “Leader Kim Hyun-soo’s one shot allowed us to win.”

Hyunsoo Kim is in charge of ‘Mr. He himself also refers to players as ‘correct words’ rather than ‘bitter words’. However, there is not much that Kim Hyun-soo can do about this issue. It’s because it’s impossible to reveal his private life. It also took two weeks for LG to accept Lee Chun-woong’s admission.

The word ‘club’s failure to manage players’ is repeated, but in the end, individual responsibility and law-abiding spirit are the most important.안전놀이터 Kim Hyun-soo said, “If it was something that could be prevented by talking about it, I want to prevent it in advance.” “It is not something that can be done. I hope that each player does well.

He said, “The world has changed, and it is an act that should not be done separately from the changed. I hope that you think well of yourself. It is a matter at stake for your family, your future, and your career. I think you should think carefully. I just don’t want to do anything that doesn’t work,” he said.


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