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My wife, who had been drinking and came home late, paying attention to her appearance, inquired at the agency… ‘affair’

The story of a husband who found out about the affair after requesting it to an agency because his wife’s behavior was suspicious was told.

On the 21st, YTN Radio’s ‘Attorney In-seop Jo’s Counseling Center’ introduced her husband A’s worries about wanting to file a lawsuit for damages against his wife’s incestuous man.

According to the story, Mr. A’s wife, who is a playwright, has recently come home drunk in the morning. She also seemed to be paying more attention to her appearance than before.

Feeling suspicious of her, Mr. A asked his wife what was going on, but the answer came back saying it was because of work. Mr. A, who had no doubts about it, requested the agency.

The Secret Service reported that her wife had been caught entering a hotel with a man she had cheated on and making love from her elevator.

Mr. A said, “I didn’t tell my wife what I learned through the agency메이저사이트,” and “I don’t want to divorce yet because I have two young children.”

However, Mr. A, who wants to hold the adulterous man accountable, said, “Can I use the photos and videos received from the agency as evidence in the claim for damages?” Asked for advice.

Attorney Woo Jin-seo, who responded, said, “Evidence can be recognized in a civil lawsuit, but there is a possibility that even Mr. A will be punished depending on the way the agency investigates.”

Illegal tracking violates the Law on Location Tracking,It is explained that the act of checking (social media) or messages is a violation of the Personal Information Act, the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, and there is a possibility that the person who requested the Secret Service may also be punished as a teacher.

Attorney Woo recommended obtaining evidence in a legal way rather than through an agency. Attorney Woo said, “If you suspect that you are suddenly making frequent calls late at night or constantly sending and receiving cell phone messages, you can check the call history through a court inquiry through the telecommunications company.” It is safe to continue the claim by securing the entry and exit details and CCTV .”

Regarding wanting to inform the cheating of an adulterous man, he expressed an opinion that depending on the situation, it could amount to ‘defamation’.

Attorney Woo said, “In case of public precedent, even if facts are spread about one person individually, if there is a possibility that it will spread to an unspecified or many people, the performance is satisfied. is high,” he said.

Regarding the act of informing the family, “It will not be punished, but it may be a civil tort, so the alimony is reduced, or if the wife of an adulterous man files a tort damage claim against Mr. A, she may have to pay money.” Explained.


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