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New York Mets, ML starters with 54 wins… “Excellent for strengthening depth”

The New York Mets have built a super-luxurious starting lineup, but recently lost Jose Quintana and were looking for an alternative. And by recruiting veteran Dylan Bundy, the depth has been strengthened to some extent.

The Mets announced on their official website on the 26th (Korean time) that “the club has signed a minor league contract with Bundy.” Bundy was left on the free agent market after his one-year contract with the Minnesota Twins expired last year.

Bundy is a top prospect who was selected by the Baltimore Orioles with the 4th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2011 draft. After that, he made his first big league debut in 2012, and seemed to meet his expectations as he won 10 consecutive wins in 2016 and 2017.

However, he earned the disgrace of being the most losing pitcher with 16 losses in the 2018 season, and is struggling to achieve 10 wins. He recorded a career record of 54-65 with an ERA of 4.74 and 852 strikeouts, and last year he recorded an 8-8 record with an ERA of 4.89 and 94 strikeouts.

After his contract ended, he came out on the market, but his reality was cold. He didn’t find a team until March, and he seemed to be missing a free agent as it is. However, Quintana left due to a back injury and was unable to climb the mound until July. So the Mets looked for alternative resources and embraced Bundy.

Mets manager Buck Showalter said, “Bundy is a professional, depth player that we can use. He fits the needs of the club well,” he explained about the background of the recruitment.

“It’s been a long offseason,”먹튀검증 Bundy said. Now that I have a ‘home’, I am so happy. I now have to prepare for the season. He is one month to six weeks behind other players. I will try to deal with the batter,” he promised.

He played under manager Showalter in Baltimore in the past and has a history with general manager Billy Eppler in Los Angeles Angels. Accordingly, it seems that there will be no great difficulty in adapting to the Mets.


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