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No, reviewing the refusal of the ‘Lee Dong-gwan hearing’… 與 “Catching government affairs again”

Conflicts between the ruling and opposition parties over the nomination of Lee Dong-gwan as chairman of the Korea Communications Commission are expected to grow메이저사이트. The opposition party even suggested a boycott of the hearing, and the ruling party responded by saying that the Moon Jae-in government rather took control of broadcasting. However, the people know that the battle between the ruling and opposition parties related to the control of broadcasting is a topic that goes around every time the government changes.Reporter Shin Yoo-man reports. [Report]The opposition party again urged the withdrawal of the nomination, saying that Lee Dong-gwan, the nominee of the Korea Communications Commission, is a public official who does not have even the basic qualifications to control broadcasting.Seon-Woo Kang / Spokesperson of the Democratic Party”We are reviewing everything that can be done within the House.A boycott of the confirmation hearing for this nominee is also being considered.An official from the opposition leadership said, “We are considering whether to boycott the personnel hearing or actively reveal that we are unqualified at the hearing.”The opposition party also raised the suspicion of past school violence and external pressure events by Lee’s son, and criticized Lee as the epitome of ‘absurd parents’ and ‘malicious civil complaints’.The ruling party countered that the opposition party’s claims of ‘appointment for control of broadcasting’ were self-contradictory, saying that the opposition party was also struggling to hold back state affairs.Yoon Hee-seok / Spokesperson for People’s Power”Former Chairman Han Sang-hyeok, who acted as a servant of the Moon Jae-in regime and even manipulated the evaluation scores of comprehensive programs, is the one who controls the worst broadcasting…”At the same time, he criticized, “If there is a problem, you can verify it at the personnel hearing at the public eye level,” and “Stop the’violent tyranny’ of the huge opposition party.”

This is Shin Yoo-man from TV Chosun.


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