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“No similar damage”… ‘Uiwang Elevator’ CCTV released

Last July, there was an incident in which a man indiscriminately attacked a female neighbor in an apartment elevator in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province, in an attempt to commit a sexual crime. The victim, who is suffering from extreme trauma , released a video of the victim at the time to SBS , saying that strong punishment is needed to prevent the same thing from happening again.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Kim Ji-wook.


An apartment elevator in Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

The elevator door opens as it stops on the 12th floor, and a man in a hoodie and sneakers gets in and presses the 10th floor.

As soon as the door closes, the man turns around and runs towards the woman and begins to strangle her.

The woman tries to resist, but she cannot withstand the large man who is over 180cm tall.

When the door opens on the 10th floor, the man drags the woman out 메이저사이트and the elevator door closes.

The man who dragged the woman attempted to sexually assault her in the hallway, but was stopped by residents who came out after hearing her screams.

Two months after the incident, the victim is suffering from such trauma that he cannot take the elevator.

[Victim: When I ride the elevator with a man, I feel suffocated and nervous. I try to get over it, but it’s hard.] It is

said that the indiscriminate crimes that have occurred one after another in the past two months have made her feel even more anxious.

[Victim: I also thought that if someone had not heard my voice and come out that day, I would have died… Don’t we need a safety net or system that makes us feel safe? .]

He called for severe punishment, saying that the reason such crimes occur is because the sentences are low.

[Victim woman: My biggest wish is for the perpetrator to be severely punished and I hope it does not repeat itself.]

In addition to the charge of rape and injury, the male perpetrator was also indicted on charges of committing an obscene act in a police station shelter and assaulting a police officer. I’m about to go to trial.


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