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“Oh Hyun-kyu will be a big advantage for Celtic” High expectations in the local area

Oh Hyeon-kyu, who made a name for himself as the ‘Maetan Boys’, is a resource that will lead the future of Suwon Samsung. He exerts influence in the attacking camp, such as finishing and linking, based on his 186 cm solid physical. In the 2022 season, he scored 13 goals in 36 league games, and he also accumulated attack points well.

Thanks to these performances, he was also promoted to his national team. Paulo Bento took note of Hyun-kyu Oh’s growth and called him to a friendly match ahead of the last World Cup in Qatar. Although he did not make it to the final World Cup roster, he boarded a plane to Qatar as a substitute for Son Heung-min, who was concerned about injury. Although he did not play the game, he trained with the national team and experienced great growth.

Celtic has approached Oh Hyeon-gyu, who has a more promising future. Reporter Riyal Thomas of the British media ‘Sky Sports’ said, 스포츠토토 “Celtic is getting closer to signing Oh Hyun-kyu. The agreement will be completed soon and medical tests will be conducted.”

As the trip to Celtic draws closer, locals are paying more and more attention. ‘The Celtic Star’, which delivers Celtic news, mentioned Giorgios Yakomakis, who was involved in the recent transfer rumor, and gave a positive outlook that even if he leaves, Oh Hyun-kyu will be able to fill the vacant spot.

I paid attention to Oh Hyun-kyu’s ability. The media said, “Oh Hyeon-kyu received excellent guidance from a young age and was gifted with the ability of a striker. He is good at positioning, knows how to protect the ball, and has excellent linkage skills. It’s a little lacking in ability, but considering the play style, it is expected to show a wide range of influence.”

“Another advantage of Oh Hyun-kyu is that he plays a more sophisticated game than Yako Makis. The forward pressure based on vigorous activity will sufficiently compensate for the finishing ability that is lacking compared to Yako Makis. To that extent, Oh Hyun-gyu’s contract provides another advantage to the team. Existing resources such as Kyogo Furunashi will be strongly motivated by Oh Hyun-gyu’s joining.”


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