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Olympplanet Introduces Golf Metaverse Platform

Olymp Planet (CEO Kwon Jae-hyun) signed a three-party memorandum of understanding on the Golf Metaverse platform with pro golfer Kim Young and PR Company, an advertising agency, on the 14th .

Through this business agreement, Olymp Planet, Kim Young Pro, and PR Company will cooperate with each other to revitalize the metabus golf market. After retiring in 2016 , her 18th year as a professional golfer, Kim Young- young is carrying out activities for the revival of golf culture, such as broadcasting commentary and golf lessons, and is currently serving as the managing director of the Korea Women’s Golf Association. 토토 Olympplanet builds and supports Kim Young Pro’s metaverse platform through ‘Elipex’. In particular, it plans to introduce a metaverse integrated fan platform where golf players and fans can communicate, and to activate the metaverse transformation using the IP of golf players, starting with Pro Kim Young. PR Company has decided to develop a model to revitalize the golf metaverse business by designing a trendy and progressive publicity method in cooperation with Olymp Planet. Kim Young-pro said, “I hope that the metaverse integrated fan platform will serve as an opportunity for people to access golf more easily.” do,” he said.

Jangik Jangik, CEO of PR Company, said, “We plan to establish a metaverse-based business model so that more people can experience the metaverse integrated fan platform that will be introduced as Elipex, and to devise various promotional methods in line with the status of the Korean golf market, which is moving toward international competitions.” said.

Jaehyun Kwon, CEO of Olympplanet, said, “I am delighted to be the first in Korea to carry out a metaverse transformation in the golf field. With Elipex, we will build a new metaverse integrated fan platform where you can experience various contents such as social media , commerce, and live streaming, and expand the domestic golf metaverse business. “Starting with Pro Kim Young, we plan to introduce a metaverse integrated fan platform with more golf players to seek the growth of the Korean golf market and the revival of golf culture. We hope for your interest.” said.


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