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“One inning changed my life” An unknown pitcher’s advance into the MLB, the greatest miracle created by the WBC

It is true that “one inning changed my life”

. An unknown pitcher who appeared in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) caught three strikeouts against major league superstars, which led to a contract with a major league club.

This is the story of Nicaraguan right-hander Duke Hibbert (21). The official website of Major League Baseball ( also selected ‘Top 10 Best Moments’ as it settled the WBC on the 24th (Korean time). ‘’, which ranked Hibbert’s miracle in 7th place, expressed, “One inning changed Hibbert’s life.”

“The 21-year-old right-hander came out in the first round against the Dominican Republic and struck out three major league stars: Juan Soto, Julio Rodriguez and Rafael Devers,” said “And then Detroit A Tigers scout approached Hibbert. The Detroit scout’s offer was his dream contract with a major league club,” he said, introducing Hibbert’s miraculous joining process.

In fact, in the first round match against the Dominican Republic on the 14th, Hibbert climbed the mound in the top of the 9th inning when Nicaragua was trailing 1-6, striking out Soto with an 85 mile (137 km) changeup on a swing, and swinging Rodriguez 80 miles (129 km) with a slider. He struck out and was hit with a double by Manny Machado, but even in the crisis of second base, he struck out Devers with an 84 mile (135 km) change-up and struck out with a swing and blocked one inning with ‘KKK’.

All three hitters struck out by Hibbert are big hitters in the major leagues. San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong’s teammate,메이저사이트 Soto, is a player who is followed by the modifier ‘genius hitter’. Rodriguez became the American League rookie of the year last year and drew attention by signing a contract with the Seattle Mariners for up to 470 million dollars (approximately 603.5 billion won) in 18 years. Devers also recently signed a super-large contract with the Boston Red Sox for 11 years, 331 million dollars (approximately 425 billion won).

Even though this was Hibbert’s only appearance in the WBC tournament, the Detroit club, which noticed this, hired Hibbert in a blitz, and Hibbert made the WBC’s greatest miracle a reality. Although it is a minor league contract, Hibbert has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge his dream stage, the major leagues. It couldn’t be more than one inning that really changed my life.


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