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‘OPS 1st place’ Jersey, home run lead soon? ‘Sudden rise’

Aaron Judge (31), who signed an amazing 9-year, $360 million contract with the New York Yankees last winter, has recently found his place with a heavy blow.

Judge recorded a batting average of 0.299, 13 home runs, 32 RBIs, 31 runs, 41 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.400 OPS of 1.042 in 38 games until the 23rd (Korean time).

This is the highest overall OPS in the major leagues and tied for fourth in home runs. In particular, Judge was named American League Player of the Week with a batting average of 0.500 and a five-home run OPS of 1.893 over the past week.

When Judge went on the disabled list late last month, he was batting .261 with an on-base percentage of .352 and an OPS of .863. A number that doesn’t suit a good record or judge.

However, after returning from the injured list in the last 10 days, Judge has dramatically improved his performance. In particular, he hit 7 home runs in his last 8 games.

Judge also recorded 4 hits, including 1 double, against the Cincinnati Reds on the 21st, significantly improving his batting average and on-base percentage.

In just 10 days or so, he increased his batting average by 4 pennies, his on-base percentage by 5 pennies, and an OPS of nearly 0.2. You can see how hot Jersey’s bat has been lately.

As a result, Judge is facing a 30% batting average, and has already recorded a 40% on-base percentage. Just like last year,메이저사이트 it shows the accuracy and power of his hitting at the same time.

Now, Judge’s goal is to reclaim the lead in home runs. Pete Alonso (28) currently leads all major league homers with 17. It seems that two players from New York will soon compete for the home run king.


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