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‘Overwhelming in the second half’ Pusan ​​National University defeated Kangwon National University and won its first away win

Pusan ​​National University won its first away win. 

Pusan ​​National University won 85-48 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Kangwon National University held at the Kangwon National University Baengnyeong Sports Center on the 2nd. Pusan ​​National University, which won its first away win, maintained 4th place with 3 wins and 3 losses, while Kangwon National University recorded 6 consecutive losses. 

Pusan ​​National University took the lead with Ra Chae-yoon’s goal in the middle of the first quarter and Kim Sae-byeol’s three points. Kangwon National University also launched a counterattack, but Pusan ​​National University, where Ra Chae-yoon and Kim Sae-byeol played an active role, did not let go of the lead. Pusan ​​National University, which held the lead until the end of the quarter, took a 20-15 lead in the first quarter. 

In the second quarter, Kangwon National University pursued with Choi Seo-yeon’s 3-point shot. However, Pusan ​​National University widened the gap again with the performances of Ko Eun-chae and Kang Min-ju. Since then, Kangwon National University, where Choi Seul-gi fought hard, steadily counterattacked, but Pusan ​​National University continued to lead. At the end of the quarter, Suha Lee’s 3-pointer made the first half 36-26. 

In the third quarter, Kangwon National University chased after Han Ji-min’s 3-point shot, followed by Choi Seul-gi’s performance. Then, Pusan ​​National University exploded La Chae-yoon and widened the gap again. Then, with Lee Soo-ha’s 3-point shot added, Pusan ​​National University quickly ran away with an 18-point gap. Kangwon National University’s Han Ji-min’s 3-point shot broke again, but the third quarter also ended with Pusan ​​National University leading 51-36. 토토사이트

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, Pusan ​​National University ran away with Lee Soo-ha’s 3-point shot. Afterwards, Pusan ​​National University, which pushed the opponent, ran away by more than 20 points and virtually seized the victory. There was no more counterattack by Kangwon National University, and the game ended with a complete victory by Pusan ​​National University. 


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