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Pepper Savings Bank embraces Park Jung-ah and Yasmin

Can the youngest club, Pepper Savings Bank, show off its spiciness next season?

On the 13th (Korean time), Pepper Savings Bank selected Yasmin (USA) with the second choice in the 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Women’s Foreign Player Draft held face-to-face in Istanbul, Turkey on the 13th (Korean time). After signing Park Jung-ah as a free agent (FA), Yasmin is also added, and firepower is expected to increase.

Yasmin has already been recognized for her skills in the V-League as a giant gun who played an active part in Hyundai E&C for the previous two seasons. Aachen Kim Pepper Savings Bank coach said, “It would be helpful if there was a V-League veteran in a young club in the third year.” He also added, “Yasmin is a veteran pro player, he knows what to do.”안전놀이터

Skills are proven, but there are risks. It is due to a back injury that he has not yet recovered from. During this tryout period, Yasmin did not play and only warmed up briefly. Coach Aachen Kim said, “No matter who you choose, the risk (danger) is the same,” and “I think you can fully recover from an injury in six months.”

Yasmin also predicted that she would be able to return in good health. “After learning that his back injury would recover, he wanted to go back to Korea,” said Yasmin. He said, “I will be in good shape until I join the team on August 1st.”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which obtained the first choice on the day, chose Britney Abercrombie (USA/Puerto Rico). Coach Ho-cheol Kim said, “I thought about picking him before he came.”

Meanwhile, Heungkuk Life Insurance renewed the contract with Yelena (Bosnia), who played last season. Kagesi (KGC) Ginseng Corporation selected Giovanna Milana (USA), Hyundai E&C selected Moma (Cameroon), GS Caltex selected Giselle Silva (Cuba/Azerbaijan), and Korea Expressway Corporation selected Banya Bukirich (Serbia).


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