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Play 10 KBO games and leave → MLB batting speed top 2%… Such a bizarre twist

 The name Tyler Motor (34‧ St. Louis) does not remain as a good memory for Kiwoom fans. He wore a Kiwoom uniform in 2020 with the explanation that he was a utility hitter who could play multiple positions and produce strong hits, but the result was a major failure.

I couldn’t adapt well to the Korean stage. I also confirmed the vicious cycle of falling into a slump when the results were hard to come out at the beginning of the season. He had a batting average of 0.111 left in 10 games. He did not perform as expected in many ways. In the end, Kiwoom gave up on the motor early. Usually, if foreign batters are sluggish, it is common to wait for 30 to 40 games with an excuse to adapt, but Kiwoom saw that there was no room for a rebound.

Motor, who left Korea, tried to live a life as a baseball player. He even joined an independent league club, and dreamed of a final twist on minor league teams. He failed in the KBO League, but his efforts were not betrayed. He made his major league comeback in 2021 with Colorado and Boston, appearing in front of fans again. Last year he played in 2 games for Cincinnati.

He spent most of his year in the minor leagues. He stepped on the major league stage in 2021 and 2022, but still, his total appearances were all 18 games. When an injured player came out, he often filled the void for a while and then went down again. He could have given up on baseball at a fairly young age, but not Motor. “Because I love baseball,” Motor explained in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch before the season. A longer explanation was not needed.

Motor baseball continues, and that continues in the major leagues. He joined St. Louis’ roster after performing well in exhibition games. It was a great reversal that surprised even the locals. Of course, it’s not the week. The number of appearances and at-bats are few. The batting average is also staying at 0.231 as of the 18th (Korean time). Still, there’s a reason St. Louis has Motter on their major league roster. Because the content is better than expected.

From the time of the demonstration game, Motor often flew batted balls like clotheslines. The more balls he hits, the better his batting performance will naturally be. Even in the major leagues this season, the batting quality itself is fine. The average exit speed of the motor reaches a whopping 95.7 miles per hour (about 154 km). Although the sample is not large, it is in the top 2% of the league. But he wasn’t a lot of ground balls either. Motor’s ground ball percentage this season is still zero. He had a 42.9% fly ball percentage and a 57.1% line drive percentage.

He also has a very good hard hit rate of 57.1%, which means balls hit over 95 miles (153 km). Regardless of the result, once the ball is hit, it is flying strongly into the outfield. If this is maintained, it can be expected that the batting performance will gradually improve in the future. It’s one of the crucial reasons St. Louis is eyeing Motor and giving him a spot on their 26-man roster.

Of course, Motter isn’t guaranteed a spot in St. Louis.메이저사이트 When it comes time to write a new player, Motter might be the first to go down to Triple-A. However, the impressions and data shown from the demonstration game to the beginning of the regular season do not disappear. This is information known not only to St. Louis but also to other teams. Motor, who once considered retirement, seems to be able to continue his baseball life a little longer.


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