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Prepared Man’ Jo Hyeon-woo…”Thanks to the video analysis of the PK save, don’t worry about conceding points!”

Jo Hyun-woo, the patron god of Ulsan Hyundai, declared that he would continue to show a good show.

Ulsan won 2-1 in the 6th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Suwon Samsung at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 8th.

Ulsan, who took the lead with Rubikson’s multi-goal in the first half, gave Suwon several chances in the second half, including a penalty kick, but thanks to Jo Hyun-woo’s save, Ulsan blocked it with one goal.

Ulsan, who had won all 6 matches after the opening, maintained a 4-point gap with the 2nd place Pohang Steelers.

The best player of the day was Rubikson, who scored multiple goals, but Cho Hyun-woo was also great. In the second half, he blocked Basani’s penalty and saved Mulich’s shots several times.

It was such a decisive performance that Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo said, “If it wasn’t for Cho Hyun-woo, he would have been able to come from behind.”

Cho Hyun-woo, whom I met in the Mixed Zone after the game, said that he was already ready to put on a good show that day, and he said that he would continue to play like this in the future.

“I prepared equally well today, and I am happy to be able to repay the fans with a victory,” said Jo Hyun-woo, who said, “After the A match, I went back to my team and said I would block it like crazy. I was determined to block any ball. I came back and did my best. did,” he said.

Goalkeeper coach Vitor, former national team manager Paulo Bento. He also thanked coach Andreas Köpke, who is part of Jurgen Klinsmann’s team.

Cho Hyun-woo said, “I prepared well based on what I learned from Coach Vitor in the past and talked with Coach Köpke. They always said that you should be in a good position and be bold. Sometimes you should be calm.” I thought about it in my head every time. I am happy that that part appeared well in this game.”

He also showed confidence in the technique under his feet. “I always thought I was confident and not lacking,” he said. “Of course, I continued to prepare modestly. I need passes and saves that fit the team of Ulsan Hyundai, so I will prepare well and help the coach play the football he wants.” .

The penalty kick saved was the result of prior learning, he said. Cho Hyun-woo said, “Rather than me blocking a penalty kick,먹튀검증 I have two friends on the team who analyze the video, and they showed me a good video before the game. I was happy to see him,” he smiled.

Lastly, Jo Hyun-woo said, “It was a crazy save, and they say I made a good save, but it’s only one game out of many. There are more than 30 games left. As always, I will prepare well and try to show performance like today’s game.”

He confidently shouted, “I am always ready. I am managing well so that I can always stop it.


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