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President Yoon Ki-joong, father of the President, passes away… Pioneer in the field of domestic economic statistics

Yoon Gi-joong, professor emeritus of the Department of Applied Statistics at Yonsei University, who passed away on the 15th, is credited with playing a pioneering role in the field of economic statistics.

Professor Yoon was born in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do in December 1931, went to Gongju Agricultural High School, and graduated from the Department of Economics at Yonsei University and the Department of Economics at Yonsei University Graduate School. He first stood on the podium in 1961 at the Department of Economics at Hanyang University. In 메이저사이트1966, while working at Hanyang University, he was selected as the first government scholarship student by the Japanese Ministry of Education and studied economics at Hitotsubashi University in Japan. In an interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun, which was held on the occasion of the Korea-Japan summit in March, President Yoon Seok-yeol also told about his childhood experience in Japan.

The deceased became a professor at the Department of Applied Statistics at Yonsei University from 1973 to 1997, and served as the dean of the College of Business and Economics at Yonsei University from 1991 to 1993. He also served as the president of the Korea Statistics Association (1977-1979) and the Korean Economic Association (1992-1993). The books of the deceased, Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, and Introduction to Statistics, are considered representative general theory textbooks that laid the foundation for domestic statistics and nurtured younger students. It is also famous for its analysis of inequality in the Korean economy. The deceased, who mainly studied the issue of inequality in income distribution, received the academic award of the 1999 Samil Culture Awards.

President Yoon has also mentioned several times that he was greatly influenced by his father, Professor Yoon. In a YouTube interview video titled ‘Human Seok-yeol Yoon’ in February of last year when he was a presidential candidate, President Yoon said, “(My father) originally studied economics and then studied statistics, but he was interested in polarization and the gap between the rich and the poor all his life.” ) I became interested in law economics and economic law while talking with my father.”

After entering politics, President Yoon often emphasized the liberal economy. This connects with the anecdote that the deceased presented a book called ‘Freedom to Choose’ by Milton Friedman, a leading ‘neoliberal’ economist in the United States, to commemorate President Yoon’s admission to Seoul National University’s law school.

President Yoon often mentioned his connection with his father even in his public meetings. In a congratulatory speech at the graduation ceremony at Yonsei University last February, President Yoon said, “I did my vacation homework in his father’s lab and also solved math problems. He also said that he was immersed in worries and contemplations on the beautiful campus of Yonsei, and had a special friendship with many Yonsei people.”


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