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Ronaldo Power” Al Nasr Garcia fired. Ronaldo recommended next coach ‘Art Soccer Legend’ & Special One

Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr recruited Cristiano Ronaldo (38).

Now, with him at the forefront, he is aiming for a world-renowned commander as the next command tower.

Citing the words of a high-ranking Saudi official familiar with Saudi Arabia’s insider news, CBS Sports reported, “Al-Nasr is aiming for French legend Zinedan Zidane and world-renowned coach Jose Mourinho as the next head coach.”

Also, ‘Cristiano Ronaldo is closely related to this work. Al Nasr club officials and Ronaldo are exchanging close conversations and spurring the process of appointing the next head coach.”

Al-Nasr has already signed Ronaldo from Manchester United for £177m. Motivated by this, Al-Hilal, the most prestigious in Saudi Arabia, is promoting the recruitment of Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo is already absolute in Al Nasr’s position.

Al-Hilal has already fired manager Rudi Garcia. U-19 and under coach Dinko Zelizic is holding the temporary baton.

CBS Sports said, ‘Al Nasr has put Zidane and Mourinho on the top list as the next head coach. He is actively considering Cristiano Ronaldo as a coach who can get along with him, and Ronaldo’s influence within the team is absolute. He has the power to fire and recruit coaching staff,’ he said. It is a nuance that Ronaldo is not irrelevant to the dismissal of coach Rudi Garcia.

Recruitment of two masters is possible.메이저놀이터 Coach Zidane is taking a break while searching for his next team, and coach Mourinho has a lot of complaints about AS Roma, which is making passive investments. It is possible to say goodbye at the end of this season.

Zidane is a French Art Soccer legend. He showed strong leadership skills as Real Madrid head coach. He was also offered to join the French national team coach, but he politely declined.

Mourinho is a manager who needs no explanation as a commanding tower. He has won 4 European championships, including the EPL and La Liga, and has experience in winning the European Champions League. It is the best in the world in terms of the career of the command tower.


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