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Ronaldo’s prediction “The star’s trip to Saudi Arabia is just the beginning”

The world was surprised when Cristiano Ronaldo first announced that he was going to Saudi Arabia. Now, more and more stars are heading to the Middle East.

Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kante recently signed for Saudi Arabia. Although it didn’t happen, Lionel Messi was also strongly linked to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, backed by oil money, seduces players with astronomical salaries. Luka Modric, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Busquets, Roberto Firmino, and Hugo Lloris are in contact with famous players regardless of position.

In an interview with ‘Live Score’ on the 14th (Korean time), Ronaldo gave advice to European stars who will play in Saudi Arabia from next season. “The biggest difference between Europe and Saudi Arabia is the heat. Here we also train in the late afternoon when the weather is cooler. It took me a while to get used to this schedule,” he said. That helped,” he said.

In Saudi Arabia, the daytime temperature rises to over 40 degrees. Because of this, unlike Europe, there are often cases of training in the evening.

Ronaldo, who joined Al Nasr last December, receives 173 million pounds (approximately 280.3 billion won) in annual salary alone. Ronaldo’s transfer to the Saudi Arabia League, which won five Ballon d’Or, was a shock in itself.

His performance declined as he aged, but he flew in the Saudi Arabia League. In 16 league appearances he scored 14 goals.메이저놀이터

There was talk of a return to Europe at the end of the season, but Ronaldo decided to stay. He will play for Al Nasr next season as well.

Ronaldo said: “European stars entering the Saudi Arabian league are just the beginning. This league will continue to develop. Sooner or later, many players from European leagues will be playing here. I am not surprised. Many fans are watching Saudi Arabian football. I’m happy,” he said, predicting Saudi Arabia’s football potential.


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