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Room for the bride and groom, wire-to-wire ‘gorgeous coronation ceremony’… ‘Golf Queen’ Ko Jin-young’s successor appears

‘Super rookie’ Bang Shin-sil (19) announced her entry into the regular tour with a ‘Wire-to-Wire Championship’ that did not miss the lead from the first round.

In the final round of the KLPGA Tour E1 Charity Open (total prize money of 900 million won) held at Seongmunan Country Club (par 72) in Wonju-si, Gangwon-do on the 28th, Bang Shin-sil eliminated two birdies without bogey.

Bang Shin-sil, who recorded a final total of 9 under par 207 strokes, beat the tie for second place group by two strokes and rose to the top. It is the first win of her life. 

Having ranked 40th in the regular tour seed match this season and becoming a conditional seed, he can now live on tour as a winning seed until 2025. The competitions that can be entered as a winning seed are Celltrion Queen’s Masters.

It is the 10th time ever to win his first win wire-to-wire. With this win, he ranked 6th in prize money, 6th in grand prize points, and 3rd in rookie award points.

Bang Sin-sil started the final round with a one-stroke tie for the lead. Kim Hee-ji, who joined the champion, bogeyed from the first hole, and Park Ji-young committed a double bogey. After catching his first birdie on the 5th hole (par 4), he caught the second birdie on the 16th hole (par 5) in the second half. After that, he played a stable game by finishing all the remaining holes with pars.

He said, “It was a pity that I missed the championship in the last two tournaments, but it turned out to be a good experience, so I was able to win today. Rather than playing aggressively, I kept the fairway safely. I hit more tee shots with the fairway wood than in the first and second rounds. “he said.

Bang Shin-sil, who became famous as a long hitter, said, “I was on the long hitter side during the national team, but in winter training this year, I did swing speed training three times a day for an hour and a half for two and a half months. So, I increased my distance by about 20 yards.” I’m thinking of increasing the accuracy rather than increasing it,” he said.

Unlike Kim Min-byeol and Hwang Yoo-min, who played the national team together, Bang Shin-sil, who finished in 40th place in the seed match and was unable to secure a full seed, said, “Everyone played on the regular tour, but I unfortunately failed. I suffered a lot because I wanted to go up together.” he confessed안전놀이터

Her role model is Ko Jin-young (28), who plays on the LPGA Tour. Bang Shin-sil said, “I think there are many things to learn from her mentality and how she always works diligently on the spot.” 

She continued, “My original goal was to secure a seed, but I’m so happy that it’s already been achieved. In the future, I want to consistently play in the remaining tournaments and get into the top 10 a lot.”


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