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Rumors of “Joo Ho-min’s son, transfer to Seoul OO Elementary School”… Mom’s Café is bustling

Parents are expressing anxiety over the news that Ho-min Joo, a famous webtoon writer, transferred to another school after suing the special teacher in charge of his son with autism spectrum disorder for child abuse.

According to Online on the 31st, on the 28th, an article titled ‘Seoul OO super emergency!’ was posted in a community specializing in real estate. The writer said, “It seems that Ho-min Joo’s family has moved to Seoul. I heard that △△ Elementary School in Gyeonggi-do was ruined and transferred to ○○ Elementary School in Seoul a few months before summer vacation.”

Then, “Ho-min Joo cleverly joked around the entrance door, so the actual child is 11 years old, 4th grade last year (2 years paid, 2nd grade integrated class). △△ The first victim was 9 years old last year,” he added.

At the same time, he pointed out, “(Ho-min Joo’s son took down his pants in front of a female student) when he started puberty and committed it because he was faithful to his instincts.”

Since it was during the vacation period, the authenticity of the article has not yet been confirmed. However, some parents expressed concern, saying, “Did he transfer to a regular school again?” “Who can handle Ho-min Joo’s son?”

According to the current status of special classes in elementary schools in Seoul in 2023 compiled by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, there are 834 special classes in 486 schools. The number of special students in the elementary school mentioned online that Joo Ho-min’s son transferred to is three, and two special classes are formed.

Some raise concerns about the young children of Joo Ho-min, who suffer from autism, being the subject of excessive social attention from the point of view of child protection.

Previously, Joo Ho-min filed a complaint in September last year메이저사이트, claiming that a special education teacher at an elementary school in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do emotionally abused his child. This fact became known belatedly in conjunction with the death of a teacher at Seoi-cho, Seocho-gu, Seoul, and became controversial.

At that time, Joo Ho-min’s son acted with his pants down in front of a female student and was reported as a school violence case and separated from the integrated class to the special class. Afterwards, Joo Ho-min and his wife put a tape recorder in their son’s bag and sent him to school, and raised a problem saying that special teacher A made inappropriate remarks to his son.

On the 26th, Ho-min Joo said, “The recording contained a situation that was difficult to see as simple discipline.” , Please wait until the trial results come out to see if it was abuse of a child with developmental disabilities.”

Special teacher A said that there was never child abuse. In a petition request posted to the teacher community last year, he said, “This issue should be done after the parents of the boys put an apology first and the parents of the girls soften their feelings, but without consideration for the girls and other class children (Ho-min Joo and his wife ) It was quite disappointing that he only thought of his own child.”

It is said that it was Mr. A who created the special class at the school. Mr. A said, “Everything I’ve been working hard on has been offset, and the situation in which you are angry with me for what happened that day and complain right away without arguing is difficult to understand and very heartbreaking.” want. I don’t want to live my life in the future with the stigma of an unfair crime.”

It is known that about 80 fellow teachers and parents submitted a petition to Mr. A, saying, “He is a respectable teacher.” Mr. A is said to be receiving psychiatric treatment after being removed from his position. The third trial against Mr. A will be held on August 28th. At the trial on this day, the defendant’s interrogation against Mr. A is scheduled to proceed.


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