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Samsung Youth Elementary School Kang Min-chan “My favorite basketball, I am enjoying it every day”

This article was published in the April 2023 issue of Basket Korea webzine. The interview for this article was held on March 20, 2023 at 11:00 pm ( Link to Buy Basket Korea Webzine ).

Looking for sports to do with his father, Minchan Kang started playing basketball in the 4th grade of elementary school. Kang Min-chan fell in love with basketball because of ‘the pleasure of a shot leaving his hand and cutting the rim’, and because Kang Min-chan’s father also loved basketball.
He was Kang Min-chan, who realized the fun of passing after starting basketball in earnest. Kang Min-chan said, “As much as I enjoy scoring goals myself, I enjoy helping my teammates score goals.”
Kang Min-chan’s father also said,토토사이트 “I’m not immersed in cell phones and games like other kids my age. I really love basketball. He also developed a cooperative spirit along with basketball.”

Please introduce yourself.
I am Kang Min-chan, a 6th grader at Daegwang Elementary School. His physical condition is 155cm 56kg and he is looking at point guard in Seoul Samsung youth team.

How is he doing lately?
He will be in 6th grade in 2023. He studies harder, and is also working hard on his hobby, the trumpet. Of course, I don’t miss a single day of my favorite basketball game. I’m having fun. 

I’m curious about how you started playing basketball.
It was around the winter of my 4th year of elementary school (year 2021). I was looking for a workout to do with his father. He chose basketball among various sports. When the shot left my hand and cut the rim, I felt a sense of pleasure. I really liked it. My father likes basketball too.

What is your play style?
I prefer to assist. I try to pass a lot to my teammates. Still, my favorite play is scoring. Assists and goals, both are good.

I started playing basketball because I liked scoring, but I also added fun to passing.
Even if you pass it to a teammate, it eventually leads to a goal. I felt proud when my teammates scored with my assist. It feels as good as scoring myself.

What are the pros and cons in your opinion?
I am left handed. His strengths are left-handed shooting and left-handed dribbling. Being weak is a downside. I am working hard to increase my strength.

How did you spend 2022?
I went to about 3 competitions. It was difficult dealing with the tall and strong hyungs. When defending, it was difficult to even follow. I entered the competition with the mindset of ‘let’s just pass the finals’.
Also, I thought I needed to improve my skills. I lost by a large margin. Teamwork wasn’t right, and we couldn’t score a lot. They couldn’t keep up with the matchup on defense, and they gave up quick attacks easily.

Are there any developments in 2023?
Teamwork is better than in 2022. Working together is the biggest difference.

Who is your role model?
Lagunah (Jeonju KCC) is my role model. He’s naturalized as a Korean, and he’s the 5th player in the KBL to reach 10,000 points, so it’s good. Also, I watched Laguna’s game on the spot.

What is basketball to Minchan Kang?
Basketball is the most fun game and exercise. I made a lot of friends while playing basketball.

Please also tell us about your future goals.
I will lose weight by working out hard. My goal is to increase my speed and win the competition in May. And I want to join the middle school basketball team. When he becomes an adult, he wants to be a KBL player.


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