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Screaming sound from Dangsan Station on Line 9… ‘I thought it was a knife attack’ but it turns out it was a sexual harassment man

A man suspected of forcibly molesting a woman at Dangsan Station 메이저사이트on Seoul Subway Line 9 on her way home from work was caught by the police. During this process, a commotion occurred as some passengers, who heard screams and misunderstood it as a weapon attack, had to evacuate.

According to the police on the 5th, Yeongdeungpo Police Station in Seoul arrested Mr. A, a man in his 20s, at around 6:20 pm on this day.

Mr. A is accused of molesting a woman by pressing his body against her on the platform of Dangsan Station.

It is reported that when the victim screamed, two men who were watching chased after Mr. A and caught him. Some passengers misunderstood that a knife attack had occurred and were forced to evacuate.

The police plan to investigate Mr. A’s exact motive for the crime.


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