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It’s been a long time coming, however your Dominion has finally expanded to reach the river shore in Dominion: Seaside, an expansion for the hit card game. There’s plenty of territory beyond the shore though, with island destinations and local communities ready for the picking. So recruit explorers, navigators, merchant warships and ambassadors. Face up to cutthroat buccaneers, deal with smugglers and discover buried treasure in your quest to expand your Dominion beyond the sea! 토토사이트

Dominion: Seaside is the second expansion for the deck-building card game that has been hugely popular since its debut in ’08. Being an expansion set, it requires either the beds base Dominion game or the stand alone expansion Conspiracy to play. This review focuses on the Seaside expansion. If you want to know more about how the beds base game is played, please read our Dominion review.

Dominion: Seaside is another thematic expansion set, following the questionable and concealed theme in Conspiracy. In Seaside, the cards are based loosely around the naval and oceanic themes, with card effects which represents the ideas of search, colonization, cutthroat buccaneers and treasure maps. A new card type : Duration cards : is also introduced in this set, changing the way games are played.

These Duration cards are the biggest new concept introduced in the Seaside expansion. These orange-colored action cards have persistent effects, giving you benefits until your next turn. They range from the Merchant Ship that provides you with 2 coins when you play it, and another 2 coins on your next turn. There is also the Caravan that provides you with an extra card immediately as well as on your next turn. However, the most interesting Duration cards would need to work Lighthouse and the Tactician. While giving you an extra action and an extra coin immediately and on your next turn, the Lighthouse also causes you to immune to any or all Attack cards whilst it is in play! With the Tactician, you can throw out your hand in order to have 10 cards, 2 buys and 2 actions on your next turn. Now that’s thinking ahead!


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