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Seeking a ‘genius’ to fall → Tottenham seniors, coaches, media, etc.

Seeing the shocking appearance of Delhi Ali who returned to Everton last week, many seniors are reaching out to him for help.

He insisted that he, once known as a genius, should not be broken any longer and that he should help Ali overcome his difficulties.

The Daily Mail reported on the 15th that Jamie O’Hara, who suffered similar setbacks like Delhi Ali, reached out to Ali for help.

Jamie O’Hara has been with Tottenham from 2005 to 2011, but he has mostly played for other clubs on loan. He has since continued his playing career at Wolverhampton and Fulham, before retiring in 2020. He now works as a radio presenter.

O’Hara also had a rough moment as he was kicked out of his team. Perhaps that is why O’Hara said that the moment he saw the picture of Ali inhaling ‘laughing gas’, “the alarm bell went off in his head.” It is because his painful memories have been revived and he has lived a life of ‘same illness’.

O’Hara said, “I had a similar situation with Ali. I was lost in the dark,” he said, “I want to tell Ali. There is life after this darkness.”

“No matter how much genius you hear, it will eventually disappear. If he doesn’t try, he will eventually be weeded out. He has no way of going back. He may have made money, but his career is gone.”

O’Hara praised Ali’s talent as a ‘blessed talent bestowed by the heavens'” and added, “Even if it’s hard for a while, don’t give up. Keep her fit and picture herself running back on the ground. then you can go there You will have no regrets,” he advised to overcome the current difficult situation.

In fact, even O’Hara said she felt abandoned at the age of 27. She was kicked out of the Wolverse. But she was too young, she said, and felt as if she was lost. It was depressing and dangerous.

So, she says, the way O’Hara found it was by talking to her people, she got help and she didn’t hide. She has also received help from psychologists and therapists, she candidly confided.

After doing this, Ohara said, “I was a failed and broken soccer player, but kicking the ball made me happy. I was able to come back,” he said, emphasizing that Ali must regain his love for football as soon as possible. Meanwhile , Everton

coach Daichi also reached out to Ali, saying,토토사이트 “I will guide Ali in the right direction and help him make good choices.”

He also insisted that he should help bring him back to the ground.

[Ali, who was best friends with Son Heung-min at Tottenham. Photo = Getty Image Korea]


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