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Seoi-cho “I’m not in charge of the school violence of the dead teacher… There was no report of school violence”

While a new teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul made an extreme choice, the school side revealed its position.

The day before, when it was reported that the homeroom teacher of the school had made an extreme choice in school, rumors spread in the Internet community that the teacher had a hard time in charge of school violence work, or that he suffered from malicious complaints from parents due to school violence issues that occurred in the class.

Regarding this, Seoi Elementary School released a statement in the name of the school principal on the 20th and said, “The deceased’s job was not school violence, but Nice authority management, and this was also the job he wanted.”

“There was no report of school violence in the class this year, and there was no case of the teacher visiting the Office of Education regarding school violence,” he said. .

In addition, he insisted, “The incident between students known to have occurred in the class was settled the day after it occurred under the support of the school.”

The school added, “We sincerely hope that young students will not be hurt by unreasonable speculations, articles, and comments, and that teachers will not lose their honor바카라사이트.”

Regarding this incident, the Seoul Teachers’ Union said the day before, “According to the report, the deceased usually went to school at 7:30 am. When asked by a fellow teacher, ‘How is school life?’, he replied, ‘It is about 10 times harder than last year.’ “, issued a statement.

The Seoul Teachers’ Union said, “According to a fellow teacher, there was an incident between students in the class the deceased was in charge of last week.” “Student A scratched the forehead of student B, who was sitting behind, with a pencil. They said they protested, saying, “I don’t have the qualifications to be a teacher,” and “How do you take care of children?”

He added, “The death of the deceased is not irrelevant to the current system in which the homeroom teacher must handle the complaints of parents alone.”

Meanwhile, there were also suspicions that the children or grandchildren of influential politicians or figures in the legal profession were involved.

In response, Rep. Han Ki-ho of People’s Power, who was designated as the politician in question, said, “I have four grandchildren and granddaughters, but none of them go to the school.”

The police are investigating the details of the death, and Seoi Elementary School said that it is actively cooperating with the police investigation.


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