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Sons of ‘Emperor’ and ‘Empress’, do they pass on their golf skills?

The sons of the golf emperor and the golf empress stand side by side on the field.

This is a rare scene to be seen at the event competition ‘PNC Championship’ held at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club (par 72) in Orlando, Florida for two days from the 18th.

‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (47, USA) has signed up for the third consecutive year with her son Charlie (13), and ‘Golf Empress’ Annika Sorenstam (52, Sweden) also expressed her intention to participate with her son Will McGee (11) 메이저사이트 in this year’s tournament. revealed Sorenstam, who became the first female professional athlete to compete in the event in 2019, teamed her father with her for the second year in a row until the following year.

This competition, which has been going on since 1995, features the winner of a major competition or the Players Championship and his or her family without a professional license as a team of two. It is played in a ‘scramble’ method in which both players take a tee shot and then play the next play with the ball that landed in a better place.

Sorenstam’s son, Will, who is the youngest among the participants in this tournament, is so passionate about golf that Sorenstam calls her a ‘golf fanatic’. This August, he even competed at the US Kids World Championships. “I know it will be difficult to beat my opponents, but having a good time and thinking about the meaning of golf is far more important than scoring,” Sorenstam said. She added, “(Will and Charlie’s match) will be an opportunity to inspire kids their age.”

Charlie’s improved skills, which have been on the field for three years, are also a highlight for fans. The Woods team, which placed 7th in the first year of participation, finished runner-up in the second round last year by showing a birdie show in 11 consecutive holes. Recently, when asked about Charlie’s skills, Woods said, “I hate to say it, but I’ll admit it. A few weeks ago, Charlie sent me farther than I did with his driver.”

In addition, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas (US), who were born in 1993 and competed against Woods in the event competition ‘The Match’ on the 11th, will also compete with their fathers. Nellie Korda (24, USA), who is ranked second in the women’s golf world rankings, will also go out with her father Petr (54), a former tennis star in the Czech Republic. The winning prize is 200,000 dollars (about 260 million won).


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