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Stay or move… Kim Yeon-kyung at the crossroads of ‘Bird’s Nest’

According to the season V-League TV ratings and attendance data announced by the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) on the 13th, the number of spectators in the women’s division increased from 251,064 to 347,267 compared to the 2018-19 season before Corona 19 hit. % increased. KOVO explained that it was restored to the level of the season before Corona 19 as 100% of the spectators were allowed to enter. However, apart from this, it is generally evaluated that the ‘Kim Yeon-kyung effect’ had an absolute impact.

Such Kim Yeon-kyung is now standing on a two-way road between staying and transferring. He obtained the qualification as a free agent (FA) on the 9th. He joined Heungkuk Life Insurance in 2005 and has been professional for 19 years.

Kim Yeon-kyung initially took a strand toward his retirement. However, after the championship match was over, Kim Yeon-kyung changed her words to “I’m thinking about it” and declared, “I decided to extend my career as a player” after receiving the MVP award on the 10th. As FA negotiations began three days after the end of the championship match according to KOVO regulations, Kim Yeon-kyung’s future became the biggest issue in the FA. stay or leave

The chances of playing for Korea Expressway Corporation and Heungkuk Life Insurance, which have reached the championship, are very low. Highway Corporation is a ‘FA rich’. With a total of five players including Park Jung-ah, Bae Yoo-na, Jeong Dae-young, Moon Jeong-won, and Jeon Sae-yan, there are the most players to negotiate among the women’s teams. Heungkuk Life Insurance announced its intention to renew the contract with manager Marcello Abondanza, but it is unlikely that Kim Yeon-kyung will accept it because of the conflict with the club that arose when the former manager was sacked.

The most influential team is Hyundai E&C. It took first place in the 2021-22 season, which was suspended due to Corona 19, and even last season, Yasmin Bedardt ran an overwhelming first place until just before leaving due to injury. “If there is a team that can win the championship… It fits perfectly with the first condition for reversing the intention to retire, which Kim Yeon-kyung said. However, the ‘salary cap’ (salary cap) is a problem.토토사이트 Kim Yeon-kyung said, “If you have the winning history, it is possible to receive less,” but “I don’t know if there will be negative views.” Last season, Yang Hyo-jin and Hyundai E&C lowered their contract from 700 million won to 500 million won, and they were aware of the controversy over the ‘pay cut’ (salary cut).

After the new season, Hyundai E&C will have four free agents, including Hwang Min-kyung (300 million won) and Hwang Yeon-joo. It is a calculation that if you give up renewing the contract with some of them, you can match Kim Yeon-kyung’s annual salary to some extent. It is difficult to reach the upper limit of remuneration of 775 million won, but last year’s annual salary of 700 million won is possible.


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