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Sudden resignation, final blow to Corporal Chae’s case… Criticism of “replacing the minister destroys evidence”

Minister Lee Jong-seop’s announcement of his resignation was greatly influenced by the controversy over external pressure surrounding the death of Corporal Chae.

As he has currently been reported to the Corruption Investigation Office, there is criticism as to whether it is appropriate for Minister Lee, who is facing an investigation, to resign voluntarily.

Reporter Hong Eui-pyo covered the story.

◀ Report ▶

Minister Lee Jong-seop, who has been evaluated as the right person to strengthen the ROK-US alliance as the so-called ‘American expert’.

Minister Lee’s theory of responsibility began to emerge last year when North Korea’s drone provocation occurred.

[Lee Jong-seop/Minister of National Defense (December 28, last year)]
“We are confident that (the drone) did not come all the way to Yongsan. It is confirmed by surveillance assets at each stage.”

As an unprecedented incident occurred where the center of Seoul was breached, criticism poured in against the military authorities and Minister Lee.

Although it seemed like he would firmly maintain his position with President Yoon Seok-yeol’s full support, Minister Lee Jong-seop could not avoid the controversy over external pressure in the case of Corporal Chae’s death in the line of duty.

Even after approving the results of the investigation바카라사이트 that found eight people, including the division commander, guilty of manslaughter, Minister Lee suddenly ordered the transfer to be put on hold the next day.

Several suspicions arose over the unclear decision, and it spread into suspicions of external pressure when Colonel Park Jeong-hoon, the former head of the Marine Corps investigation team who was booked on charges of mutiny, claimed that there was an order to ‘remove the division commander.’

[Lee Jong-seop/Minister of National Defense (21st of last month)]
“Mistakes must be severely punished, but it is the minister’s responsibility not to turn innocent people into criminals.”

In particular, as it was claimed that the true external pressure was President Yoon Seok-yeol, the opposition party’s demands for his resignation became stronger, and he eventually resigned from his position after one year and four months.

Minister Lee Jong-seop is currently being reported to the Corruption Investigation Office on charges of abuse of power.

This means that even if he resigns from his position as minister, he will continue to be investigated as a suspect.

In response, the Military Human Rights Center criticized, “The attempt to replace the minister is an act of destroying key evidence of suspicion of external pressure,” and “Removing a minister who should be investigated is making a fool of the people.”


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