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Sweden returned to ‘paper books instead of tablets’… why?

Swedish schools are moving away from digital devices메이저사이트 such as tablets and returning to traditional educational methods such as paper books and handwriting.

The British Guardian reported on the 11th (local time) that many schools across Sweden have recently been emphasizing classes using paper books, reading, and writing using writing utensils. Instead, the use of electronic devices, such as using tablets, searching online, and practicing typing using the keyboard, decreased.

It is said that this change in Sweden, which emphasized education using digital tools, was in response to criticism that students’ learning abilities, including literacy, were deteriorating due to overly digitalized learning methods.

These changes began in earnest after the right-wing government came into power. Education Minister Lothar Erdholm, who took office in October last year, emphasized in March that “paper books are necessary for learning,” and last month said, “We will overturn the existing policy that mandated the use of digital devices in kindergartens.” In addition, the Ministry of Education announced plans to completely stop digital learning for children under 6 years old.

However, this move by Sweden also runs counter to the trend in other countries. Germany is expanding the use of digital devices in education, and Poland has also launched a program to provide laptop computers to fourth grade elementary school students with public funds. There are divided opinions for and against this even within Sweden.

Meanwhile, the Swedish government will invest 685 million Corona (approximately 82.3 billion won) to purchase paper books provided to each school this year. Subsequently, an additional 500 million kronor (approximately 60 billion won) will be allocated annually next year and the following year.


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