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Tae Young-ho, who was dragged away… Lee Jae-myeong “A person who was a member of the Communist Party”

 Even after seeing the anti-national behavior of Democratic Party members, they are speechless. Folks, this is blind obedience to communist totalitarianism, folks. (Trash came from North Korea) Be careful what you say. trash? Garbage?]

[Anchor] Rep.
Tae Young-ho of the People Power Party, who clashed with Democratic Party of Korea lawmakers during a question to the government the day before yesterday.

I visited Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party, who was on a hunger strike.

But it was blocked by Democratic lawmakers.

Let’s go to the National Assembly yesterday.

[Tae Young-ho / People Power Party Representative: Don’t push. Don’t push. (Tae Young-ho, it is not your place to come here.) (Rep. Tae, it is not your place to come. Go quickly.) No, other parties, other parties… .]

[Lee Jae-myung / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: To show loyalty… . No, General Hong Beom and General are being abused like that because they once joined the Communist Party, but a person who was once a Communist… .]

Representative Tae Young-ho meets Representative Lee Jae-myung after many twists and turns.

I would like to complain to Representative Lee about what happened in the plenary room the previous day.

[Tae Young-ho / People Power Party Rep.: Yesterday, in the plenary session, Democratic Party lawmakers used completely crude language toward me while I was questioning the government. No, I’ll just skip it if I can. But can such words as commies, scum from North Korea, and Communist Party collaborators be said in the National Assembly, or even in the National Assembly questioning room?

(What did Rep. Tae Young-ho say about the Democratic Party on the spot?) Rep. Park Young-sun, who shouted at me for several minutes and called me trash from North Korea, you can’t just leave this alone. This requires the representative to be expelled from the party and stripped of his position as a member of the National Assembly. (Where is that request?) Class at school… .]

Rep. Tae requested that Democratic Party members who criticized him leave the party, but was eventually dragged out amid protests that he had nothing to say when he came to the hunger strike of the leader of the main opposition party.

Representative Lee, seeing Rep. Tae like this, criticized the government’s push to relocate the bust of General Hong Beom-do.

[Lee Jae-myeong / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: They probably do it because they think it is a way to survive. I don’t think I can survive like that? [They] appointed a person who was once a communist to the National Assembly and then slandered (General Hong Beom-do) because he was once a communist.]

In the interrogation of the government, the case of Corporal Go Chae also became an issue.

The Democratic Party is saying that due to the revision of related laws, the moment a sexual assault or death incident occurs in the military, the moment it becomes aware of it, the military cannot get involved in the investigation as it has to withdraw its hands and immediately transfer it to the civilian police, but the Minister of National Defense’s order to reconsider is a violation of the law. I raised it.

[Park Joo-min / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (last 6th): Minister, who knows the crime, here?]

[Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (last 6th): The person who knows is our military investigative agency. Because the initial investigation is conducted by military investigative agencies.]

[Park Joo-min / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (last 6th): If the investigative agency finds out the truth, it is immediately transferred. What if the Minister found out? What if the unit commander finds out?]

[Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (last 6th): (Military) investigative agencies just need to know. However, shouldn’t there be a basic investigation in order to determine whether the death case is a crime and whether a crime is suspected?] [Park Joo-min /

Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (last 6th): You said that the investigative agency is the subject, right? Where is the minister in here? Where is the minister here? Where is the commander here?]

[Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (last 6th): But doesn’t the minister have the authority to command and supervise?] [Park Joo-min

/ Democratic Party of Korea member (last 6th): That’s not true. In cases of death, the military has no right to intervene. So you cannot give any instructions or judgment about that.]

[Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (last 6th): That is the part you are misunderstanding.]

[Park Joo-min / Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker (last 6th): Do you misunderstand? I proposed that law. I was the one who reviewed that law.]

[Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (last 6th): Congressman, the Minister is not specifically involved in the investigation.]

[Park Joo-min / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (last 6th): No, you definitely said that this time. (Not involved in the investigation.) You clearly ordered a reexamination this time, right?]

[Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (last 6th): That’s right. yes.]

[Park Joo-min / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (last 6th): Why did you order a reexamination?]

[Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (last 6th): So, because all eight people in command were charged with professional negligence manslaughter, the legal judgment was … .]

[Interview: Park Joo-min / Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker (last 6th)]

What you just said is not related to the content, is it? (That’s right. That’s it. Don’t do it.) When the investigator tried to figure out right away that there was a problem with the 8 people, he said, ‘Stop, there’s a problem with all 8 people doing it.’ Doesn’t that have anything to do with the content?

[Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (last 6th): That’s not it. I’m not saying there’s a problem, but I’m asking you to re-evaluate whether it was an accurate legal judgment. I looked at the content one by one and never gave any instructions such as adding phrases or excluding anyone.]

[Park Joo-min / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (last 6th): You just talked about it. They said it would be problematic to have all 8 people do it, so they ordered a reconsideration. (It is true that it is against the law.) You did something that should not have been done.]

The Democratic Party also pushed for a special investigation to uncover the truth about the death of Corporal Chae in the line of duty.

[Ki Dong-min / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: Investigative prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol suddenly became a star prosecutor because he was said to be disloyal to people. He was once an icon of fairness and common sense. I am confident that the person who represents fairness and common sense in the current Yoon Seok-yeol administration is the head of the investigation team, Park Jeong-hoon. If they try to cover up the truth by tying up the head of the investigation team, Park Jeong-hoon, with unfair external pressure and charges of defiance, it symbolizes the death of fairness and common sense under the Yoon Seok-yeol administration. I am telling you this could be a signal of downfall, and I am warning you.] They

also decided to push for the dismissal or impeachment of Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop, citing suspicions that he obstructed the investigation to cover up the incident.

Come see Reporter Namki Kwon’s report.

Specific circumstances of external pressure were revealed, such as the Marine Corps commander’s statement that he received instructions from Minister Lee not to identify the suspect.

The ruling party immediately protested.

He said he could not understand the very idea of ​​suspending the duties of a commander with military command authority, and criticized it as tyranny of the majority party.

[Jang Dong-hyuk / People Power Party floor spokesperson: From the beginning, the Democratic Party of Korea was not interested in the truth about the accident that killed Marines or in preparing measures to prevent recurrence. They were only trying to use this incident politically by linking it with President Yoon Seok-yeol. I can’t help but wonder how an unprecedented incident protested by the head of the Marine Corps investigation team could be transformed overnight into suspicions of the president’s use of external pressure. In the military, where top-down cooperation is the absolute basis, what is the problem with the Minister of National Defense, who vows to strictly crack down on insubordination, recommending dismissal and impeachment?]

Yesterday, as it was a question for the government on the economy, there was also a battle over the government’s corporate tax cut and next year’s budget.

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo got into a war of words with the Democratic Party, which pointed out that the national debt had increased due to the previous government’s negligent management.

[Jeong Tae-ho / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: (Tax revenue) is reduced by 33 trillion won, of which 83% is corporate tax. The corporate tax law was revised last year and will be applied next year. With this year’s business performance. Then, even the government is predicting that the corporate tax will be lower.]

[Han Deok-soo / Prime Minister: Representative, it is not true that the current tax deficit is due to the 1% corporate tax cut last year.]

[Jeong Tae-ho / Democratic Party of Korea Representative: National Debt If there is a problem, taxes should naturally be collected from those who have money. Only then will your finances become stable. If you don’t make that effort and give up on that and give up on this… .]

[Han Deok-soo / Prime Minister: Since there has been such lax management of finances so far, there is no need for such policies anymore.] [Jeong Tae-ho /

Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: What kind of lax management are you talking about?]

[Han Deok-soo / Prime Minister : Debt increased by 400 trillion won.]

[Jung Tae-ho / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: 400 trillion? look. Prime Minister. The growth rate of the national debt ratio in the first, second, and third years of the Moon Jae-in administration was much lower than that of the previous administration. Two years after the coronavirus outbreak, the national debt rate increased. Yes, we managed to save the economy well. When Yoon Seok-yeol came into power and added 59 trillion won to the supplementary budget, what did they use that money for?]

[Han Deok-soo / Prime Minister: No.] [Jung Tae-

ho / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: 53 trillion won메이저사이트 was added by collecting all the corporate taxes, taxes, etc. that came out to revive the economy.

Today (the 8th), the last day of questions to the government at the regular National Assembly, questions in the areas of education, society, and culture will be held .

It appears that the ruling and opposition parties will clash over measures to restore teaching authority, the suspicion of false interview with Kim Man-bae, and the disruption of the jamboree.

This has been the political briefing so far.


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